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Hollywood tries to fight Asian DVD piracy

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 19 Feb 2003 14:06 User comments (1)

Hollywood tries to fight Asian DVD piracy Hollywood has stepped up its efforts to fight against the ever-growing DVD piracy in Asia by offering rewards for informers within the area through its international arm, MPA (not to confuse with American equivalent MPAA).
According to the Asia-Pacific area's representative, organization has set aside $150,000 for informers who can provide information leading to a closure of DVD piracy rings or illegal DVD factories in the area.

The problem is seriously worrying in some of the countries in Asia -- it is estimated that 90% of Indonesia's DVDs are pirated copies and 80% in Philippines. MPA estimates that because of piracy, Hollywood loses over $600M annually in Asia.

Source: Reuters via Yahoo!

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122.2.2003 15:06

Cry Wolf again Hollywood. Boy not only are they actors in the entertainment industry, but also actors in real life issues as well. These clowns really have issues. The B E S T thing I heard in a previous post was how CLEAR CHANNEL was going to sell concert CD's of the concert you just attended. Maybe if the NPAA would wake up and offer the same, people would buy the DVD's or XVID burned CD and they could make money twice. The fact that they claim people are not attending movie theatre's anymore is just plain nonsense. However they keep on pushing their propaganda to the governments of the world and the public for sympathy. These boys need to grow up and face the music. No one cares if you claim the loose even $100 billion dollars a day. We all know this is Rubbish, however the money that they flash to government officials around the world can certainly gaurantee job security in an ever decaying economy. Heck if Microsoft claimed loss in stock and revenue, why should it be different for the clowns of Hollywood? I've said it before and still say it again. If you aren't making enough money from your industry, then take on a second job like the rest of us are being forced to do and shut the heck up!! Voodoohippi (Defender of Free cyberspace)

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