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Do you want to be a DVDXCopy star?

Written by Jari Ketola @ 26 Feb 2003 9:55 User comments (10)

Do you want to be a DVDXCopy star? 321 Studios law firm (Keker & Van Nest) is looking for an actual user of the DVDXCopy software to file a motion on behalf of that user to intervene in 321 Studios' landmark fair use lawsuit.
The motion will ensure, that 321 Studios will be able to assert the First Amendment, fair use etc. rights of their customers and fellow DVD owners around the States.

The person chosen will have ZERO legal liability in the process, and will most likely be interviewed by the media -- perhaps world-wide -- as he or she will be acting as a poster "boy" or a "girl" for 321 Studios' fair use and First Amendment assertions.

Please read the announcement from Robert H Moore at the DVDXCopy support forum for more information. Also, if you are interested, please see the thread to send Mr. Moore a private message with your contact information.

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10 user comments

126.2.2003 14:38

very clever :-)

21.3.2003 20:46

first they want to give people money for turning in unauthorized users and now they want a posterboy #$@! Them

318.5.2003 3:24

OK I volunteer.......I'm in...... Poster Boy Extrordinaire<<<totally mispelled and who do you apply or email to?? the thread above just goes to the afterdawn dvdxcopy support site

44.7.2004 21:58

Hmmm...Posterboy ? First I have Spent Close to $100.00 on their products ,their 24/7 support is not what it claims , I can no longer use my product , Software refuses my user I.D.,You would think that instead of just closing my account they would at least offer me the ripper free version ? Really getting sick of trying to get through on the phone , I'M JUST LOVIN' IT !! **** It's Just one thing after another !!

55.7.2004 16:31

Ajax_32 The down time at 321 seems to have gotten them way behind. Word has it that licensed users can now get a new license for RF software. It helps if the software was purchased direct from 321. I hear the software has to be documented. That phone wait is a ... While you're waiting on them, what software progs do you have and what seems to be the problem? And I don't think they want me on a poster.


I was an earth-rim walker, a lurker at the threshold of the abyss. - Grendel -

67.7.2004 3:39

You can get the Xcopy RF version of your software if you e-mail the tech support. They gave me a nuw product number, it took about three days. And I would not like to be the poster boy either.

716.7.2004 18:48

I've called 123 several times and they tell me the same thing,even though I purchased the xcopy express they cant give me the rf version.I never recieved the $10 rebate they offered way back in december of 2003.I was able to download it when it first came out but my comp crashed and that was that,anyone have a way to download it.pleae

818.7.2004 1:33

Sorry man, i cant help with the download but i would just like to say i never once liked a 321 studios product, ever since they sold free software bundled up! Thats sucked guys!

918.7.2004 5:50

Dela, They were nice enough to refund my money. That was full price and shipping for the Platinum. I won't say what I said to them though. bbamx68 It's always a good idea to save downloaded programs to disc if you want to keep them.

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I was an earth-rim walker, a lurker at the threshold of the abyss. - Grendel -

1018.7.2004 11:09

@brobear, LOL! id like to hear that conversation :D

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