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Madonna shows that Net music model works

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 25 Mar 2003 14:57 User comments (5)

Madonna shows that Net music model works Madonna, arguably one of the best-known figures in the music world, has release her latest single, an anti-war song "American Life", as an unrestricted MP3.
The song costs $1.49 and can be bought from her homepage and paid with PayPal. She also released an affilate program that allowed fans to promote the single and if the song was bought via fans' links, the fan got a slice of the sale price that then can be turned into Madonna fan material. And because the single is 100% unrestricted, high-quality MP3, it can be copied to portable MP3 players as well as burned on CDR.

Madonna was one of the loudest opponents during the "Napster wars" back in late 1990s -- her back-then-yet-unreleased album, "Music", found its way to Napster before its release date.

Her single is also available via major online subscription services, such as Pressplay and MusicNet.

Source: CNet

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5 user comments

126.3.2003 2:18

"Madonna Shows That Net Music Model Works" (??) Dunno 'bout that. I just visited a (random) P2P network. Not only is the above-named single available in different flavours (versions), but also the entire album from which it came. (I guess you'd have to be a Madonna fan though). I'm not a Madonna fan. -- Mike --

226.3.2003 5:15

Selling mp3??? excuse me while i laugh!! Why would she even bother with that if people have just as good version of the mp3 all over p2p?? lol stupidity i guess! :)

327.3.2003 2:22

Madonna had one war against Napster. Now she has other political goals and wants to use mp3 as a weapon.. Blah, just greedy woman who wants to be a serious artist.

427.3.2003 21:13

The funny thing is, Dela, that the very same demo track (unmodified) available for $1.49, is smeared all over every P2P you can think of. The Material Girl, filthy-rich beyond mere mortal comprehension, is very short-sighted, and has way too much spare time on her hands. I suppose if she were laying next to me right now, I wouldn't kick her out of the bed for eating crackers, but I'd probably have to spray her down first with an aerosol can of disinfectant. -- Mike --

528.3.2003 10:07

Kligy, true, people who went against napster proved they were only interested in money!! And as for madonna, <fudge> her, she's nothing anymore!! <tsk tsk tsk> :) Naughty boy. She's nothing anymore??? (Well, she's rich rich rich)

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