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DVD X Copy v1.5 released

Written by Jari Ketola @ 26 Mar 2003 1:29 User comments (16)

DVD X Copy v1.5 released 321Studios has just released a new version of their DVD backup software DVD X Copy. Registered customers can download the update. Notice that the new version requires a reactivation.
If you don't have DVD X Copy yet, you can purchase it at For more information and feedback, please visit the DVD X Copy support forum.

Changes to version 1.5:
  • New Gearworks drivers - additional DVD drives are supported. DVDXC
  • Internal Nero burn engine is disabled. All internal burns will be done with Gearworks engine.
  • External Nero burn support is still available.
  • DVDXCopy will no longer complain if the user attempts to back up an Archived DVD, DVDXCopy will simply ignore it and continue to look for an original DVD.
  • FULL and WIDE screen display for title set selection. Previously all title sets had shown [FULL] all the time, in the disk1 and disk2 list displays.
  • The "Copy Now" and "Burn Now" buttons now call attention to themselves.
  • Changes to the license activation system. Sorry folks, everyone will have to re-activate their copy of DVDXCopy.
  • The tutorial tab has been removed. The tutorial now resides behind a "help" button.
  • Improved support for episodic disks
  • Multi-lingual tutorial

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16 user comments

126.3.2003 6:00

I like to reactivate DVDXCopy. Please let me know my License ID and Password. Thank you.

226.3.2003 6:37

The chief complaint about version 1.5.0 is that the program now asks, "Is this DVD borrowed or a rental?" Many users find this annoying, with some saying it is an insult.

326.3.2003 11:45

who cares about the click. :)

System Specs:
Athlon XP 2100+
1 gig PC2700 DDR
nVidia 4600 128RAM
80 Gig WD 8MB Buffer w/ 120 Gig IBM
Sony DRU500A-Firmware G.

...and much much more. :)

426.3.2003 14:33

I've recently bought Ikebana DVD+-R/RW and would like back up my DVD collection. Slow by slow i'm educating myself using these website. I considering DVD X copy 1.5. IS this my best bet being a newbie?

526.3.2003 16:56

Im sticking with 1.4 ,I copy my back ups with Record Now anyway much faster!

626.3.2003 17:23

Several people "care about the click," asking users about their integrity, regardless of their PC's horsepower, with has nothng to do with the issue. Further, if 321 Studios is willing to compromise its coding based on the fear of legal eagles, users might see further watering down of the program, possibly to the point that another software company might be a better option.

726.3.2003 22:34

Hey guys who cares about the click. Remember 321 were one of the first to bring this type of software to us. If a click covers thier a~rse legally, so be it. For all those that can't stand the click, take a deep breath, point you mouse, close your eyes and click. There you go, that was'nt that difficult now was it?

827.3.2003 2:29

Telling these guys to click is like telling a girl to swallow! Paul.

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

927.3.2003 2:41

Woeps loaded ... never thought you'd speak that kind of language.

AfterDawn Addict
-guys with literally thousands of messages

1027.3.2003 2:48

Neither did dRD until he made me a Mod. Now it is too late ;-) Never predict what people will do, you might just make two arseholes! Paul. :D

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

1127.3.2003 3:29


AfterDawn Addict
-guys with literally thousands of messages

1227.3.2003 9:23

hello just installed dvd x copy 1.5. In the process of trying to copy a movie I continously get the following message. "No dvd burner found". I have supposedly gearworks burner and nero as an external burner. How do I get dvd x copy to recognize either?

1327.3.2003 16:11

First, go to Check to see if your burner is listed. Also, ensure you've got the latest firmware version. Also, since you own DVDXCopy, try their technical support option at

1427.3.2003 16:16

Jaguire89, you also may want to pose your question, or see if there is already an answer at afterdawn's DVDXCopy discussion forum at

1528.3.2003 20:09

Please help. I kept getting this message when backing up a DVD which requires 2 disks: "! File VTS_03_1.VOB could not be loaded. Not enough free sectors available." It was issued on the 1st disk. How do you fix this problem. DVDXCopy version 1.5.1 My pc spec: Pentium 4 2.4GHz Windows XP Professional SP1 Maxtor 80GB 7200 8MB buffer GeForce 4 w/ 64MB DDR 512MB PC2100 DDR

1629.3.2003 1:38

Please keep support questions out of this article :) You can find an X-Copy forum at :

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

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