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DivX v5.0.4 Schizo beta 3 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 Mar 2003 3:39 User comments (3)

DivXNetworks is heading towards final release of the next "stable" version of their DivX MPEG-4 codec. Now they've released a third beta for the 5.0.4 version.
The new version, officially dubbed as DivX v5.0.4 Schizo beta 3 contains these changes since the beta 2:
  • 1 Pass and Nth Pass undersized file should be fixed
  • Certain dark sequences would produce a long period of frames using a Quantizer of 31
  • Psychovisual Enhancement field sometimes displayed "Custom" instead of Light when unselected
  • "Do not prompt with errors and warnings" would select itself when random characters were entered in the CLI after the "-key" option
  • When "-d 3" option was entered in the CLI field, "Source interlace" became blank
  • Max bitrate would not update at times
  • DirectShow decoder postprocessing slider became disabled with ATI radeon 9700 Graphics card
  • DirectShow decoder would "fast forward" when seeking backwards. This could cause synch issues when re-encoding DivX Files using the DivX Decoder Filter

The new version is available in this URL. Please remember that the beta version is restricted to 30 days period.

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3 user comments

129.3.2003 12:31

The best devs of mpeg4 are back!!!

BiAtcH 5.0

229.3.2003 13:26

It appears that many people are moving away from DivX to Xvid. From what I've read, when Divx networks went to version 5 and went away from open-source, it got rid of most of most of its developers and they joined to develop a different MPEG 4 codec called XviD. Now, as you can see in the 'Top Downloads' section on Afterdawn, XviD went to number one and DivX 5 has completely left the top 10! Also, I found out that the DivX 5 Pro codec tends to encode video at up to 100kbps (or more) higher than the specified rate, unlike the XviD codec.

329.3.2003 22:13


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