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Update to the "Super-DMCA" conversation

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 Mar 2003 5:15 User comments (7)

Update to the "Super-DMCA" conversation has much more details about the controversial "Super-DMCA" legislation discussion that took off this week in various news sites, including ours.
The proposed "super-DMCA" is not actually a federal law, but series of very punitive state laws instead, generally speaking all of them sponsored by the "almighty" MPAA.

MPAA has most likely learned its lessons that pushing forward a new law that would curb freedom of speech and "fair use" rights through the federal legislation is virtually impossible, because consumer groups such as EFF take notice of proposed federal bills very quickly. So, MPAA has pushed individual U.S. states to pass laws that restricts tons and tons of consumer rights.

In Maryland, such legislation is already in the state law, it passed in 2001 without no one even noticing. The law bans software that "can be used for converting a video or audio material transmitted over the Net to other format". So, you guys who live in Maryland and have DivX codecs or TMPGEnc installed on your computer, you're already breaking the law.


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7 user comments

131.3.2003 6:12

this is crazy!!!


231.3.2003 7:56

Glad I live in Maine..... really If laws are aloud to be passed in one state to another then we all would be in deep sh%t. most people dont even care about internet laws because they dress it up in a way to keep porno away from kids so it passes.... how about a law that alows me to sue the website because the alow porno movies to get into the hands of the kids in the first place.... you dont see teens buying playboy or penthouse..... and how about the MPAA take five minutes to think of the can of worms its opening no other country in the world would follow this sh%t law. so we would expose our selves to any and all hacks or viruses , this sounds really dumb (well at least it fits the MPAA) so if the recording industry dosnt want me to copy my cds then they can make me a life time garentie that if my cd dvd or any other recording gets damaged then they will replace it "FREE" of charge and then they'll get my vote.... so the balls back in their court ,but they wont........

331.3.2003 13:14

software that "can be used for converting a video or audio material transmitted over the Net to other format". ??? Uh ?! Why just DivX ? Nero Burning ROM can convert MP3 to Wav, Winamp too... Wait... "can be used for converting" ?? Well, there are Borland C++, VisualBasic, Fortran, TurboPascal... I can use them in order to convert between any format I want...


431.3.2003 21:11



51.4.2003 7:04

dont forget Linux... they probly mean all converters.... not good for people looking to make any new software think about this if I write the best new security that cannt be copied then change the movie file to what every it requires then I would go to jail for triing to help them..... aint that a kick in the teeth..... funny how laws work and that they even get passed in the first place....

61.4.2003 8:14

I've just check that Windows Media Player, included in Windows, is capable of converting MP3 to WMA. Microsoft Windows is illegal in Maryland !


723.4.2003 11:41


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