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RIAA sketches a webcast rate proposal

Written by Jari Ketola @ 07 Apr 2003 17:33 User comments (3)

RIAA sketches a webcast rate proposal Under quite peculiar circumstanses RIAA, along with Yahoo!, America Online, Microsoft and RealNetworks, has crafted a proposal for the online webcasting royalty fees.
What makes this proposal bizarre is the fact that RIAA agreed on the proposal with the Digital Media Association (DiMA), whose memberlist includes AOL, Yahoo!, and Microsoft -- none of which are in webcasting. The 25,000 or so webcasters are not included in the deal.

One might also wonder how AOL-TimeWarner can strike a deal with RIAA, since TimeWarners recording labels are all members of the RIAA. It's like right hand striking a deal with the left.

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3 user comments

17.4.2003 21:08

What the hell does the RIAA have to do with Webcasting in the fisrt place?

28.4.2003 3:42

A major part of webcasting is music, and they represent artists. Music has become a business, a business controlled (in the USA at least) by the RIAA. I think artists should refuse to co-operate with the RIAA as a protest to how the organization works.

38.4.2003 23:46

The RIAA (plus) Yahoo (plus) America Online (plus) Microsoft (plus) online webcasting = A Festering Boil on the buttocks of mankind. Dead On Arrival. -- Me --

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