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Global CD sales dropped 7 percent in 2002

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 09 Apr 2003 15:55 User comments (2)

The international recording industry association, IFPI, released the sales figures for year 2002 and according to those numbers, the worldwide CD sales dropped appx. 7 percent compared to the 2001 figures.
In the United States, the drop was even bigger, 10 percent. Obviously the recording industry is pointing its finger at the worldwide music piracy, most notably the digital music piracy in form of P2P networks (and obviously they don't even suggest that the widespread use of copy-protection mechanisms that make CDs incompatible with thousands of CD and DVD players, would have anything to do with the drop). But they surprisingly do admit that movie and game businesses are eating the amount of money people are willing to spend on music.

This year's figures hold no surprises," said Jay Berman, chief executive officer of the IFPI. "Widespread use of illegal sites, made easier with the growth of broadband access in the major markets, is affecting an industry that is also having to compete with increased sales of other entertainment formats such as DVD films and new video game consoles."


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2 user comments

111.4.2003 14:38

I personally buy less CD because radios and TVs don't broadcast any good music.


213.4.2003 18:09

Of course they did!! There hasnt been anything much new in music in 2002 now has there?? i mean a few bands yes but most new albums and stuff are all 2003 releases!

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