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The penguin walks the Windows Media -walk?

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 09 Apr 2003 12:01 User comments (7)

Microsoft assigned InterVideo to port Windows Media technology to the Linux platform. But Microsoft is not targeting the consumer desktop users, but hardware vendors instead as Linux has gained ground as a operating system for stand-alone devices.
And hey, they are calling Linux stable - more stable than....?

We believe most of the major consumer electronics companies are looking at the Linux platform as a stable, low cost solution for multimedia functionality and InterVideo's superior technology and strong track record of multimedia innovation are an ideal fit," said InterVideo CEO, Steve Ro. "In addition, InterVideo will now be able to add support for the popular Windows Media Format for all of these devices.

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7 user comments

19.4.2003 12:40

HAHA! Microsoft hates Linux and anything with the phrase "Open-Source"! I would do the same if I was Bill Gates...

29.4.2003 12:47

tribal-t, You are the PERFECT example of an un-educated dumbass! People like you are whats wrong with the world today! I suggest you change your views imidiatly!

39.4.2003 14:33

Why should I change my views, Bladestor? Microsoft is trying to win over Linux supporters.

49.4.2003 16:21

I know, that is a bad thing. Why whould you do the same if you were Bill then?

510.4.2003 10:05

Microsoft has grown so acustomed to their no. 1 spot on the market, that they can´t stand to see an open source OS being more stable and gaining so much popularity. Since one of Microsoft´s major goals, however, is to make money, they have to start thinking about making prodycts for Linux.

610.4.2003 12:52

Microsoft wants everyone to like them. from the government, to the consumers, to corporations.

711.4.2003 10:38

I'm a new linux convert by way of the Sharp Zaurus. It's sweet :) Those of you talking smack on how MS wants people to like them.... well... no DUH! What's the problem with that? They are a business (a BIG business) and are out to make money. They need people to like "them" i.e. their product in order to make money. If you want to complain about MS, do so by bagging on their overbloated software and that kind of thing. As far as their business plan goes though.. they are SOLID. Peace out.


Zaurus addict

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