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AOL licenses On2's video technology

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 14 Apr 2003 16:34 User comments (1)

AOL, the Net unit of AOL TimeWarner, has licensed the video encoding technology called TrueMotion and its versions VP5 and VP6 from company called On2. AOL plans to use the video encoding technology to deliver video content to its various web resources and its massive subscriber base.
AOL has declined to state how exactly it plans to use the video codec in future, but it has an existing licensing agreement for On2's previous video codec, VP3.2 that it uses in its WinAMP3 media player. According to analysts, AOL's licensing deal is yet another step towards an autonomous position in streaming market -- AOL has in the past been one of the biggest customer's of RealNetworks, but has launched several products and development plans this year that don't use Real as streaming platform anymore.

On2 became a relatively well-known name in last year when it donated its old video codec, VP3, to to develop an open-source competitor to MPEG-4 platform.


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114.4.2003 18:30

Theora's still ok, right? Whew! Load off my mind!

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