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Sony PS2 to officially support DVD+/-R(W) - a major update.

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 14 Apr 2003 14:03 User comments (10)

The PlayStation 2 gets it's first major update, after being on the market for about 3 years. The key issue in the update is the improved performance as a DVD player.
Whereas the current machine accepts only DVD-Video discs, at least officially, the new console adds support for the DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD+RW recordable and rewritable formats. It doesn’t support DVD-RAM.
The new console can also output a progressive-scan video image, which should mean a better picture for users with a compatible television.

Other improvements include a better remote control device.

The interesting thing here is that will the update be affecting PS2 backups? Will the new version include new anti-MOD technology, making old MOD designs obsolete? Or the improved DVD drive performance could improve the drives ability to run backed up games from CD-Rs or DVD-Rs.

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10 user comments

114.4.2003 21:25

Does this mean an Official Version 8 then?

215.4.2003 8:55

I might actually go & buy one now then...seeing as DVD-R has finally been added. ABOUT TIME !!!

315.4.2003 10:39

lol, f... ps2!! my last one is broken lol!

415.4.2003 14:28

Hell, I've played copied games in my PS2 using DVD-R and it works just fine. This is old news

515.4.2003 15:58

I know yes, i've used it aswell! of course thats my problem, my magic 3 was fine, no problems then out of nowhere i say smoke and since i have no ps2 :'(

615.4.2003 16:17

I might be wrong but the new model with all of the new features (stronger laser dvd-r +r support is only being released in japan and will appear later to the english speaking population so yeah its news but its not all that important for most of us before everyone wants to jump and buy one..


715.4.2003 16:34

What about CD-R and CD-RW? It's no good if it won't do those as well!!!!!!!!!!!!1

815.4.2003 17:11

You will be able to use them most likely. You can use good cd-r media in ps2's now!

916.4.2003 9:27

Unfortunately DVD-RW copied games don't seem to work on my PS2 with a mod chip in it. Only DVD-R. Hum?????

1016.4.2003 13:01

I have a version 5 PS2. It will play every DVD +/- R and +/- RW already.

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