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Record labels to fight P2P with heavier weapons

Written by Jari Ketola @ 03 May 2003 15:26 User comments (17)

According to New York Times the record companies are developing new weapons in the fight against online piracy. Decoy files and warning messages are nothing compared to these new countermeasures.
How would you feel if you faced a personal Denial of Service (DoS) attack, if you were sharing copyrighted material? Or if you downloaded a file that looks like an ordinary song, but is infact a trojan software that scans your hard disk drive and wipes every file it considers illegal? Those are the kinds of actions that are being explored by the record companies.

Of course all of these measures are glaringly illegal, but apparently the copyright laws can be enforced by breaking other laws. Should any of these measures be realized, I'm quite certain the companies would soon be facing the barrel of their own shotgun -- just like Madonna recently did.

New York Times

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17 user comments

13.5.2003 19:55

Definately would face the barrel of their own shotgun!! Imagine that, they could start a worldwide hacker war between them and other hackers who like to download!! And i think the numbers wouldn't be on their side at all! If they do start something like this, then i'll sit back and watch, and laugh!

23.5.2003 20:41

I'd like to see em try.. those stupid arses at the RIAA woulndt know what hit 'em when the real hackers hit them back. Bunch of pansies. I dont think even THEY could get away with that...

33.5.2003 20:41

I'd like to see em try.. those stupid arses at the RIAA woulndt know what hit 'em when the real hackers hit them back. Bunch of pansies. I dont think even THEY could get away with that...

43.5.2003 20:51

LOL...Haven't they ever heard of Norton? Do they expect that we'll shut off our anti-virus software so they can do it? I just think I'll shut my firewall off while I'm at it......yeh...right.....stupid &*^%ers

54.5.2003 3:19

Are they this quick to forget what has happened to their own site a few times? That´s only the beggining if they start to fight with the methods mentioned above. I would also like to know how that is legally possible. They´re allowed to break the law because it´s for a good cause, because they are trying to stop criminals? Then I should also be allowed to shoot people who sell drugs on the street. After all, I would be getting rid of criminals, wouldn´t I?

64.5.2003 10:50

Do they have any idea how many hackers are out there? The record labels would get hacked like crazy. If someone shares a file, you shut down that person's computer? Is that illegal enough?

74.5.2003 14:04

LMAO!!!! They are starting a war they are going to lose at the same moment they start it! Maybe after they lose the hacking war, they start sending some goons with submachine guns to the street address of those who share files?? Maybe the companies should consentrate on making better music available instead of trying to force feed the usual BS and then crying cuz nobody buys it.

84.5.2003 19:08

I wish they would try. That would then give them a taste of what they have been trying to give most of the online community. Maybe for once we could actually give them what many have been wanting to do for a while, slap them in the face. Bring It.

94.5.2003 19:51

i would volunteer my computer in a denial of service attack if the riaa were to start attacking peoples computers, or my computer...hopefully they will understand the consequences for what they are talking about doing

105.5.2003 1:08

This kind of countermeasures would be against laws of European Union. RIAA should remember that laws of USA are not usable inside EU. Oh no, there can never be so stupid record companies that they would do such. For them that would mean real war and commercial suicide.

115.5.2003 1:48's illegal in the U.S too, but they're talking about doing it. That's why I said "F#$k the Industry" in the first place.

125.5.2003 8:28

wow, how stupid is that?!?! all i can say is "bring it". - friend of the forums, great guitar player
#afterdawn (well i have no idea where it is anymore)

135.5.2003 21:40

I definetly hope things get worked out for the best because I Luv Kazaa.

Bryan Wilson

146.5.2003 5:50

Record companies would do well to stay in their own domain. Rather than trying to rule over the world with their outrageous claims of ownership, it might be to their advantage to reduce their overhead and put out a good product at less cost. In addition, real hackers enjoy the challenge of amateur encryption and other methods of protection. Rodgers

156.5.2003 15:32

well all i have to say is that this is total bs ment to scare p2p users, which would never happen. but if it does happen we'll be ready to fight back. (KazaA rules!!!)

168.5.2003 1:51

A virus in an mp3 file, is it possible? Would they pay someone like Microsoft to create a specially made security hole for them in media player? :) But I'llegal u say, A while ago, i heard about the Bernam Bill( Luckily for us Austrlians, this is an American law. However, what are Austtralian cops gonna do to American comapnies? Let's just hope it doesn't pass.

178.5.2003 12:54

Even if you could virus an MP2 file it would mean a threat to National Security. I am sure other countries would wage a war against the US. In one hand they talk about ridding countries of dactators like Sadam, but in the other hand they let the RIAA and NPAA try and dictate what is right for the world. A real hacker and phone phreaker can get info about the RIAA or who ever they hier to do their dirty work. You could then make your phone number look as though it is theirs and make bomb threats and the like. It is a method called "ghosting" and has been mentioned in the 2600 mag a while back. In the Commodore 64 world it has been successfull to rid lamers from BBS's and from calling the Alliance Teleconfriences that were set up by the warez curriers. The RIAA and NPAA would get the blame and it would be the end. If you don't believe this can be done, just talk to anyone who has really in the scene in the mid to late 80's to early 90's. and even their famalies would be in danger as well. Imagine what would happen if someone posted their info on a sex line and said their will be a huge sex fest at that address. I gaurantee it would definately stop the crap their putting out for good. Voodoohippi (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

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