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RIAA settled the case with P2P users

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 02 May 2003 6:57 User comments (8)

RIAA settled the case with P2P users RIAA has settled lawsuits that it filed against group of university students in April. Students have agreed to pay between $12k and $17k each to RIAA for copyright violations.
The payments will be split over three years. The lawsuits would have amounted (in theory) to total of $100M. Despite settling their cases, none of the students admitted of being guilty.


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8 user comments

12.5.2003 8:48

100 million my ass. That sucks for them.


22.5.2003 12:50

Yeah, just what the world wants, more impoverished students, screwed by the system and unable to do anything about it. Even if we were to accept that what they did was illegal (I am sure it is!) and even if they admitted being guily, they probably can't afford CDs and DVDs anyway, so probably no money would have been lost by corporate America. Furthermore, fining them can only add to their debt problems.

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

32.5.2003 16:48

It almost makes me want to stop downloading music and uninstall my P2P software. Almost...I think I dont have enough Led Zeppelin yet...

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43.5.2003 0:51

That was so funny when I first heard about thet demand, 100 million dollars (yes, it does look better when you spell it out) from students. Never going to happen, although 17000 isnt petty cash either.

53.5.2003 1:36

A relative of RIAA, the "Anti Piracy group" in Denmark has already about 1 year ago accomplished the same. Same procedure. Students threatened and committing surrender. This has lead to a boycut from buyers and a condemnation by lawstudying people. "The Anti Piracy Group" are so low-famed, that it has vanished in the dark. They are scorned publicly in the same manner as Sadam Hussein!;-))) Everybody in Denmark is waiting for the overpriced musicbuisseness to go bancrupt, as the artistic level of "New music" has reached a level of "Not suited for human digestion"! Greets and keep up hope! Jens

63.5.2003 9:04

Bloody sickening. Nothing like knowing you have to pay precious $$$ (blood money) over three years to a Conglomerate that needs it about as much as I need cancer, when the students are barely scraping up enough to pay for their tuition, residence, food and books. I see a decided lack of info from anyone here who has used the 'legit' download sites. (HMV, for example). No one bother with them? (Don't blame you). Keep on P-to-P-ing.

73.5.2003 20:44

^ Well said. The RIAA doesnt realize that peope who LIKE the bands they download from more often than not BUY THE CD! I have bought more CD's since my mp3 collection started, and will continue to do what I have always done, and to hell with what the RIAA says.

86.5.2003 15:58

i agree with Tedronai because p2p mp3s have opened a whole new world of music for me, i now have songs from bands which you will never see on emteyV or that u are able to buy in stores. i would like to remind everyone that RIAA is just bs telling you were to spend your money. and also that p2p downloads are not free specially if u use dsl and pay $29 per month. but its my choice of where i spend my money and for now AOL is getting chunks of it (viva la kazaA)

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