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Macrovison press release: SafeDisc DVD-ROM released

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 14 May 2003 13:05 User comments (5)

Macrovision extends their line of copy protection systems to DVD-ROMs
SafeDisc-DVD protects DVD-ROMs from unauthorized copying.
SafeDisc is the most effective and widely used copy protection available for CD-ROMs, protecting over 70% of the top 20 PC games titles sold to retail in the United States, according to the NPD Techworld data for 2002. Once again demonstrating its industry leadership, Macrovision has extended the patented SafeDisc technologies for the growing DVD-ROM market to provide developers and publishers with a high level of copy protection for this higher capacity format.

The number of DVD-ROM games available is growing rapidly due to the popularity of DVD-enabled consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation2, and due to the increasing use of DVD media for PC games. While the current version of SafeDisc-DVD is optimized for PC DVD-ROM drives, the same technologies can be used as a second-level copy protection enhancement to the proprietary copy protection and security features that are used by console games manufacturers.

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5 user comments

114.5.2003 15:30

SafeDisc-DVD protects DVD-ROMs from unauthorized copying. What about authorised copying, ie,(backup) of legally bought cds/dvds. I have a six year old who is no respecter of disks, whether they be cd or dvd; he just leaves disks on the floor( waiting to be scratched)! Is there software around ( free or otherwise ), that would enable me to make a genuine back-up, just incase my son scratches some of my /his disks? Many thanks, spud (newbie).

214.5.2003 16:20

at it again eh?? ah well no bother, someone will find a way around it and let the net know anyway! lol :P

315.5.2003 0:42

"Anti-hacking software, which is added at the time of encrypting the application. This anti-hacking technology prevents hackers from de-bugging the software or reverse-engineering the product." LOL Everything that some human can assemble, can be disassembled by someone other human.

415.5.2003 14:29

I wonder if rubbing a little Alcohol 120% on the disk would work? It works for PC games!

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515.5.2003 19:15

Umm... safedisc is one of the easier cd protections to break. Perfectcopy and A120% work wonders. not to mention it's easy to emulate. I wonder how different they made it for DVD.

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