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P2P networks cost too much for ISPs

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 26 May 2003 14:30 User comments (8)

During the last couple of years, most countries that have strong presence on the Net, have seen broadband connections to get more and more popular and the main reason, it has been claimed, is the enormous popularity of P2P networks.
So, P2P has managed to turn dial-up users to broadband users and ISPs should be more than happy to see such transform. But now broadband ISPs all around the world, specially in Europe, are complaining that P2P traffic is costing them too much and claim that almost 60 per cent of all bandwidth is used for file-swapping.

According to British CacheLogic, the global cost of P2P networks for ISPs will top 828M (€1148M, $1356M) this year and will triple in 2004. Various ISPs have considered of taking measures for restricting users' download habits, but a prime example from the UK, by cableco ntl, has shown that it might not be a very smart move (ntl imposed a 1GB/day limit for its cablemodem connections and thousands of users left the service immediately, taking also their digital cable TV accounts to competitors as well). Now some tech companies are trying to invent ways to prioritize the traffic -- if the file-trading is done within the ISP's network, the cost for the ISP is minimal compared to intercontinental network connection costs.

Source: ZDNet UK

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8 user comments

126.5.2003 16:39

That's why I live in the USA. Other than a bad president and the RIAA, it's pretty good.

226.5.2003 19:59

wtf is the other 40% for?

327.5.2003 6:58

The other 40% is used to download the newest versions of the P2P traffic...

427.5.2003 7:42

If I pay a monthly fee for a fast broadband connection, I sure as hell dont want to be restricted to a certain amount of transferred data. My ISP, Welho, tried this as well. Users who had enormous amounts of transferred data received letters urging them to reduce their usage of the connection.

527.5.2003 10:46

Did they quit trying that?

627.5.2003 12:59

The other 40% is, obviously, people downloading software to rip/process/convert/encode their data. That and legitimate, quality clients of the esteemed Afterdawn posting responses to their threads :-) Paul.

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

727.5.2003 14:57

Cant forget porn. Porn has got to cover at least 35%. I am still using Dail-Up and connecting to P2P networks. Not planning on switching to broadband anytime soon. As long as dail-up is cheap that is the way for me.

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828.5.2003 3:54

Did they quit trying that?
Yep, it was awhile ago.

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