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DCIA: Distributed Computing Industry Association

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 02 Jul 2003 12:08 User comments (1)

P2P-industry is more and more organized, in order to counter the legal pressure from RIAA and other copyright organizations.
The association hopes to attract peer-to-peer network providers, software makers and Internet service providers as members. It also aims to draft content providers such as the movie studios and record labels. Ideally, members will be optimistic about the business opportunities presented by peer-to-peer technologies, but will also believe that copyright owners should be compensated for their work, according a DCIA white paper.
History knows many cases where unions have made all the difference. The recording and movie industry are organized behind the powerful RIAA and MPAA, so it's very positive to see the P2P companies also taking their stand.

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1 user comment

13.7.2003 5:54

now the line is drawn in the sand but will they cave or add spyware to alow tracking of copyrighted matreal? new updated software will have an ip address tracker and any thing the RIAA will ask for to keep the DCIA from going to court. sad but true.... p2p is a great tool for lagitament reasons sharing updated linux code or photos orhome movies but, and we all have to see the RIAA's point if I shelled out 30 million to make Starwars 17 I'd like to see more them $2.oo in profit but with the toys and other merchindice. the riaa is out to make a show of force and they have to do what they are getting paid to do..... but if they were convinced to work on getting the price of dvds and cds down everyone wins..... its time a real offer to them is made not the hit and run tactics with ip swaping or chaning our nic cards every 5 days ( for you heavy downloaders) it just a big game and no one wins ...

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