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EFF's ads target RIAA

Written by Jari Ketola @ 03 Jul 2003 13:13 User comments (12)

EFF's ads target RIAA Electronic Frontier Foundation has unveiled a campaign named "Let the Music Play" supporting legitimate peer-to-peer file swapping. The campaign is counter-reaction to RIAA's intentions to file lawsuits against people sharing music on peer-to-peer networks.
"Today, more U.S. citizens use file-sharing software than voted for President Bush," Fred von Lohmann, senior staff attorney for EFF commented. "Congress needs to spend less time listening to record industry lobbyists and more time listening to the more than 60 million Americans who use file-sharing software today."

EFF will be running advertisements in major publications calling for more productive means for RIAA and record labels to pursue their intrests.

"Copyright law is out of step with the views of the American public and the reality of music distribution online," said EFF Executive Director Shari Steele. "Rather than trying to sue people into submission, we need to find a better alternative that gets artists paid while making file sharing legal."

Visit the campaign Web site for more information.

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12 user comments

13.7.2003 18:04

Well its about time! Maybe congress will realise that people who they support getting sued are actually voters and so are all of their friends!

23.7.2003 18:45

i dont get it, theres over 200 million americas (scary thought lol) 60 million use file sharing software, and thats more than voted for bush. i wonder do americans give a crap who runs their country.

33.7.2003 18:58

They just got some weird system of voting apparently!

43.7.2003 19:13

Yeah, strange though. I think there is roughly 270million Americans now. Thats 269,999,999 too many if you ask me. LOL. Im just kidding folks. Chris

54.7.2003 8:17

I think its time that all of us get together and boycott the hell out of the RIAA and their ilk. Make music sales drop to zero. Its time we take back the Internet. Big bullies don't realize that if it wern't for college students in the first place the Internet would not have evolved into what it is today. Maybe if the net were down for a major business week it would teach the government that they too depend on the net to survive and that allowing the RIAA/MPAA/BSA or any organization to try and control the net will have severe consequiences. Vigilanteism in the part of the RIAA can not be allowed. They want FULL power of the net yet they were not the ones who've made it what it is today. And what about the manufactures as well? They'd suffer if people canceled their service and stopped buying expensive machines. The economy will gurt terribly from what the RIAA is proposing. Its time to take the net back and force these people right off the net. Make the net for hobbyest again like it was and get these spammers off the net. Although I do believe that the RIAA could get paid via the commercials that the p2p nets have placed at the bottom of the app. The RIAA has refused to allow the ads to pay for what we Download and that is only because they want to control what we are allowed to share. If they can't control it they want it gone forever. If people band together in EVERY angle against these tyrants they will fade just like Hitler and other dictators did in our history books. The RIAA are dictators and must be delt with just as you would with a teenager who feels they can take over you as a parent. Its time for us to not be a little robot for these tyrants. Get ES5 on your computer TODAY. Get Clean blubster TODAY and download your hearts content. Voodoohippie

64.7.2003 9:31

The key is to get file swapping/P2P declared legal, which won't happen as long as RIAA Fat Cats are paying huge sums into these congressmen's re-election campaign; solution: 1.) STOP buying crappy "1 hit" albums 2.) VOTE the congressmen out of office. Don't circumvent the process, change it!

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74.7.2003 14:02

The RIAA are just professionals when it comes to propeganda, they should have been working psycological warfare in iraq!

85.7.2003 16:28

I've posted this link before, but here it is again: I am all for legal downloading of music. I will pay .79 for a track, however as long as the RIAA uses tactics like it is now I will swap files till the day I die. All I have to say is: If my computer gets fried by the RIAA, there is going to be HELL to pay.

96.7.2003 20:29

They try to close a p2p program like kazaa but then a new one opens. So free music and movies are not going anywhere.

107.7.2003 11:41

Yes but I am afraid that they will target your wives and girlfriends. I've broken up with a woman because of her turn coat ways and dealing on the wrong side the RIAA. She told me I was wrong and I should stop stealing from the industry. Funny thing was she was Downloading all those ellegal Jenna Jameson pornos because she was a bi-sexual girl in which I did not know about till I went with her. It is OK to have a 3 way phone sex conversation with a 17 yr old boy and his 17 yr old girlfriend when you are 44, but NOT OK to swap music. Where is this country going with this one? Voodoohippie

1112.7.2003 10:05

A nice step from the EFF, because this "Copyright law is out of step with the views of the American public and the reality of music distribution online," and this "Congress needs to spend less time listening to record industry lobbyists and more time listening to the more than 60 million Americans who use file-sharing software today." is very true. Although the situation isnt solely related to americans.

1212.7.2003 10:18

That is true aswell but the RIAA would be more controlling America than the rest of the world, that is the IFPI's job ;-)

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