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Grokster releases a "Pro" version

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 15 Jul 2003 16:39 User comments (7)

Grokster, the second biggest P2P software developer that uses solely FastTrack (same network that the biggest one, Kazaa, uses) for its traffic, has released a "pro" version of its software.
The new software costs $19.99 and comes without any advertisements or spyware whatsoever. According to Grokster, there has been a huge demand from the user base to provide a version of the software that would be free of annoying additional components, such as "spyware" and "adware" components (that track user's web behaviour and pop up advertisements even on websites that don't carry any advertisements).

"We can offer the user a better experience at a reasonable price that still allows us to pay our bills," Grokster President Wayne Rosso said in a statement.

Obviously some people are eager to point out that there are already ad-free versions of Kazaa available on the Internet, but unfortunately these tools are illegal as they violate Kazaa's copyrights (which, again, some people might find rather hilarious ;-).

The adware-bundled version of Grokster will remain free. Obviously the big question is: how long it will be until the Grokster Pro can be downloaded from Grokster..


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7 user comments

115.7.2003 16:48

ANYBODY who will pay for this is an IDIOT! You can get Dr. Damns version for free! All this program does is cut out the ads! Not very interesting to me when the above version I mentioned does the same thing! As far as Grokster Pro being shared on Grokster.....I'd give it a week! HE! HE!

215.7.2003 17:37

<hee-hee> dRD has taken a 'funny pill' this evening. :) long will it be until Grokster Pro can be downloaded from Grokster... Excellent point. It doesn't even need to be 'hacked' does it? Hopefully it doesn't require online registration. Not that it matters really, because even that's a moot point too. In a few minutes I shall be on KazaaLite, where popup ads are never a problem. :)

315.7.2003 17:52

load of sh**, why would u pay to use it?? my god man, there are better solutions for free, and kazaa the biggest p2p?? now that is messed up!

415.7.2003 22:49

Grokster has launched a campain against piracy in the Grokster-network. They are sniffing the users for illegal copies of the Grokster Pro-software. Grokster will also release a number of fake Grokster-Pro files to the network, so that Grokster-Pro would not be used for illegally distributing Grokster-Pro

The old school is back. All hail the new !

516.7.2003 3:54

Somebody will TILL share it! Watch and see!

620.7.2003 16:32

They seem to be charging for what can already be obtained with a little bit of effort. Sure what we have now isn't exactly legit, but it seems to me that most people that don't download the same stuff as us have no need for P2P. I have also noticed tha a lot people don't even know what spyware and adware are, let alone how it relates to thier software. They just seem "accept" those ad banners in thier programs.:)

722.7.2003 22:11

I shake my head in yet another 5 mins of disbelief

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