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P2P usage still popular in corporate environments

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 16 Jul 2003 14:43

A Canadien company has studied P2P software usage in corporate networks and according to the study 77% of companies have a P2P software installed in their network. Companies with over 500+ employees had at least one P2P installation within the company. The study was targeted to companies with more than 10 employees.
In addition to the copyright violation issues, P2P software are also a significant security risks. There are a number cases where empleyees have been sharing valuable corporate data in the P2P network.
The results highlight the potential risks that corporations and individuals run, as the record industry prepares to file potentially thousands of lawsuits against individuals who offer copyrighted materials online.

"Corporations are frantic about how to rein in some control over this," said AssetMetrix President Paul Bodnoff. "Like with software licenses, most companies want to be on the right side of the law. The challenge is how they do that."

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