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Appeals court speeds up the process for P2P trial

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 18 Jul 2003 15:45 User comments (3)

Los Angeles federal court has sped up the appeals process for the case where movie and recording industry (represented by their lobby groups, MPAA and RIAA) are against two FastTrack licensees: Grokster and Streamcast's Morpheus (although Morpheus doesn't use FastTrack anymore).
In surprise decision, district court ruled in favor of P2P software developers in April and now the appeals process speed-up means that the new trial will begin most likely before end of this year.

Briefs for the record labels and movies studios are due August 18, with reply briefs for the file-swapping companies due on Sept. 17.


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3 user comments

121.7.2003 9:32

Wait, I don't get it. First, they take the opportunity presented to them back in April to attack the individual instead of the software company given that the judge has pretty much said 'The software company isn't responsible for the actions of the users'. I thought this would be a bonus for them. Instead of attacking companies based out of foreign countries with less than ideal copyright laws, they are able to attack the consumer directly. Isn't that what they wanted? Now that they have started that campaign, they want the companies as well? oi. When will it end.

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222.7.2003 5:30

Of course they will. There are some people who use P2P networks legally you know. Even if the RIAA manage to close them down, new ones will pop up. It's like a never ending war!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

323.7.2003 11:35

Where were you when they killed Napster I ask? Did you write to congress or attend any REAL rallies? After the DMCA was imposed on us WHERE WERE YOU? What part did you do to try and stop this from happening? When the RIAA made Verison give up info on its users WHERE WERE YOU? When the RIAA sued innocent young people rouning their lives forever and making it impossible for them to get a job I ask you again WHERE WERE YOU? Did you run? Did you hide using Peer Guardian thinking your Safe? Did you run to ES5 thinking this would be the end? Now ask yourself who is the biggest loser you or them? does it make you any better then they are to see our rights being taken away from you as you sit on your fanny and do absolutely Nothing? Get a clue, get a life, Donate to the EFF, buy Dvd Xcopy Express because 321 Studios is fighting for US the consummer. I know the program can be CRACKED easily, but do yourself a favor and others too and buy the damn program. If you don't want to take a chance on line run to BEST BUYS and BUY IT. It will be the best $70 you have ever spent in your life. You may have a problem if you live in the Bible Belt, but have a friend get it for you and you pay them if you have to. Join the anti RIAA CD smashing ralley on Augest 1st and 2nd. Rip your CD's first and bring them and SMASH THEM TO PIECES. Keep the rips and distribute them over the net and to your friends. There is strength in numbers. Don't go out like a baby bitch boy or girl. FIGHT with all your heart soul and mind. Even if it means your DEATH. It is time to do something for yourself and your country now that these asses are in power. Time to get your heads out of your asses and realize that we are to fight a major war and it means witts, strength, cyber savyness, possible violence if we have to protect ourselves from our Music being takin away from us and our hard earned cash and our future as a nation. Even pop artists have spoken against this act of selfish ness. I gaurantee that this will result in a pure blood bath and we even need to get the street gangs educated so that they can ban together with the underground tech world and actually fight a worthwile battle and really become famous instead of a chump who kills people for sheer fun. So if you have a friend in a gang and he or she has some HIT POINTS, get him or her to join something that will help themselves and the other members of their gang get a real fear factor. The constitutions says that if we have tyrants taking over in power that we have the right to revolt and the law has no power in this case. We shall be the law just as the RIAA and MPAA want to make the rules and they feel that they are immune to all legal grounds and Responsibility for their actions and money alone won't get their asses out of a sling now that they've put themselves on a Pedestal. Lets not continue to make asses out of ourselves just like we did when there was suppose to be this MAJOR hack attack that did not happen. Voodoohippie (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

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