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Indie labels: "RIAA is NOT the whole music industry"

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 21 Jul 2003 16:05 User comments (7)

Group of indie labels that represent almost 200 artists worldwide have attacked openly against RIAA's new war against file-sharing.
Chuck Paugh, a promotions director of Dust Traxx, a house and trance music label, claims that he has spoken to more than 20 other companies similar to his and all are agreed that the RIAA's campaign will backfire: 'the industry as a whole is against these lawsuits' he says.

Dusk Traxx, says Paugh, 'are not opposed to peer-to-peer trading of music. We feel that the dinosaurs in the industry need to catch up with technology and consumer demands instead of trying to stomp on consumers..'

According to him, the users of P2P networks are mostly teenagers who simply can't afford to buy music, but if you give them the option to explore music, once they're adults with disposable income, they will buy the music that they like if you don't alienate them from the music industry as a whole.


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7 user comments

121.7.2003 18:40

this dude knows how to make a point. though it's obvious that going after consumers will ultimately fatally wound the RIAA its going to take one hell of a battle to do so.

222.7.2003 2:53

Most artists make their money from the concerts they do and as they grow older , in most cases, they start doing night circuits. There are a few groups like Metallica that own their own company so they complain like crazy. Bottom line is greed and control ... do you have your implant yet....

322.7.2003 3:27

Once Metallica was unknown group of desperate beginners. What now? Just greed. When Ulrich has enough money?

422.7.2003 3:59

The P2P user buy more music the difference for the companies now is the fact that only quality music sells

522.7.2003 5:50

You probably read some of my posts and realise I'm a fucking anti-RIAA maniac. So lemme use this as an chance to tell you that, this guy is right. The RIAA vs. P2P war is like a a cat and mouse relationship. The cat has only 2 claws and eyes, 1 digestive system, and can only eat so much until it's full. There is an infinite amount of mouse. Go figure. The RIAA can only sue so many people (digestive system) and that takes time. They can only reach out to what they know (claws, eyes). It can only sue that many people in a day (limitations in eating).

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

622.7.2003 10:56

The Indie's have a good point. Most teenagers get several quid per week for lunch money, books, clothes, etc. and a little extra if they're working part time. It could take them weeks to months to afford a CD, unless their parents are have a good income. Now with the age of Mobile phones, most are spending their extra quid trying to keep in touch with their mates and likely another reason why teenagers (and those in college) are buying less & less CDs. Once an Adult with a good income, CDs no longer look as expensive as in their earlier age and thus one may treat themselves now & again; assuming it's an album they like. I haven't seen a good album with my type of music in over a year now!

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727.7.2003 18:56

TRUE, TRUE.. i agree with him totally.. i finally got a real job and have money and i do put back into the industry, just as i took from it when i didn't have money... peace seamonkey420

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