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RIAA wins over 800 subpoenas against P2P users

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 21 Jul 2003 3:48 User comments (11)

RIAA claimed during the weekend that is has managed to win already 871 subpoenas against individual American P2P users. With subpoenas, RIAA forces ISPs, universities and other Net service providers to hand out individual users' personal details so that the trade group can use those details in order to sue the users.
According to Associated Press's informations, RIAA doesn't even bother checking the volumes of file trading -- in some subpoenas there are only five copyrighted songs listed that users have shared through the P2P networks.

RIAA says that it will try to negotiate with most of the individuals in order to get the cases settled outside court and expects to see damages between $750 and $150,000 for each song that has been distributed by the users over the P2P networks.

While RIAA's tactics are getting harder, users are fighting back as well. Tools such as PeerGuardian are getting more and more popular as they block well-known RIAA's, MPAA's and various other copyright holders' and FBI's IP addresses from accessing their computers. Also, anonymity in P2P networks seems to be the Holy Grail that all the P2P networks are trying to achieve as RIAA and other copyright holders are declaring an open war against file-sharing.

Source: FoxNews

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11 user comments

121.7.2003 16:40

ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!! If you've been trying to work out how you can tell you're about to be nailed by the RIAA, and you don't want to fork out $.07, look no further. NetworkComputing has the answers. Eleven of them, in fact. 11. All the files in your favorite MP3 play list are now "Lars Ulrich sings 'Feelings'" 10. Your KaZaA rating changes to "Defendant" 9. Eminem insults your mother in his next single 8. Recording Industry Association of America president Hillary Rosen sends you e-mail messages with embedded .wav files of heavy breathing 7. All the spam in your inbox is from Motion Picture Association CEO Jack Valenti 6. You get a bill retroactively charging you 99 cents per downloaded track. Total bill: $29,700 5. A Tommy Mottola screen saver suddenly pops up on your computer 4. Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer picket your home with signs that read, "Piracy don't pay my bills" 3. You receive a request from someone using outdated hacker wannabe slang claiming a friend said you could "hook me up" with the latest Snoop Dogg album 2. You suddenly have numerous songs from someone named Avril Lavigne 1. CD-shaped crop circles appear in your backyard

Despite All My Rage - I'm Still Just A Rat In A Cage!

221.7.2003 17:48

OMG should I be worried??? SEVEN of those have already happened to me....

321.7.2003 22:20

Labrat, i see you are a fan ;-)

422.7.2003 00:55

lol - Nice one labrat :-)

522.7.2003 03:23

It's pretty sure that something very violent will happen if RIAA tries to steal $150,000 / song from individual internet users. Maybe just physical attack against headoffices of RIAA.. Bad days are coming.

622.7.2003 05:40

That's right. If the RIAA tries to sue me, they won't know what hit them. I was thinking, maybe some eggs coupled with some hammers, and what about cds, containing "you won't stop us, tracks?" Any opinions? Or I could just buy a SPAS shotgun and blow their fucking brains out...

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

722.7.2003 11:40

Jarpo, i said it on the forum before, someday they will ruin someones whole life and they will respond with a gun!

822.7.2003 17:25

Labrat, i see you are a fan ;-)
Yes Dela I am, I think you would be to if you lived here in the states. I don't share any music files nor have I ever, but this is just a bunch of horse shit if you ask me. So lets just see how all this turns out in about 2 years. Either the RIAA will be alot bigger or they will be reduce to nothing?? Guess we will have to wait an see.
Despite All My Rage - I'm Still Just A Rat In A Cage!

922.7.2003 21:29

Well i am a fan of aswell man, even though im not in america, i hate them! The RIAA actions will backfire!

1022.7.2003 22:15

Futile attempts. Always when you go against the times. They will lose. File sharing is becoming a set standard with the up coming teenagers (12,13,14,15.etc) It's to late.

1122.8.2003 04:25

Peer guardian, if everyone uses that all will be be good :) And when they find a way around that another utility will be invented by some geek that makes me happy :) lol - I produce various styles of electronic music.

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