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More work ahead for P2P companies

Written by Jari Ketola @ 25 Jul 2003 15:09 User comments (10)

A new bill introduced Thursday would introduce parental discretion to peer-to-peer networks by requiring the services to get parental permission for minors before letting them use the services.
The Protecting Children from Peer-to-Peer Pornography Act, or P4 bill would require Federal Trade Commission to requlate the P2P networks to make sure minors aren't accidentally coming across porn. The bill is rather vague, and suggests the use of technologies that haven't even been developed. In any case, the bill would mean more work for the companies behind peer-to-peer networks.


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10 user comments

125.7.2003 17:52

umm. this bill is useless

(adrenaline Is the closest Total freedom)

225.7.2003 21:15

How the hell are they going to know if your a minor or not? Ask? LOL

326.7.2003 4:08

The only way it can be done is to ask you how old you are when first install the program but hows it goin to know what age rating is on the files you download for all the child knows he could be download toy story and suddenly up pops a porn flick.

426.7.2003 6:41

Is this Bill in America? If so then why should, lets say, kazaa based in Austrailia play along?? or eMule which has no 1 central server but many?? This is a lame ass attempt at lowering the amount of users on p2p! I mean, any 10 year old kid can find porn on google or altavista or yahoo even! Dont they get tonnes of it everyday in their email??

526.7.2003 8:02

I suppose the bill suggests that parents could install a piece of software on their children's computers that says to eg. P2P software that "this computer is used by a minor". Then the P2P software would detect that when the kid tries to install it, and require parental permission - in some form. But yeah - yet another ridiculous bill.

Jari Ketola

626.7.2003 8:34

Is this another lame attempt by RIAA? What the hell? I know a 13 year old kid who downloads porn everyday! And this "bill installation" could be easily removed by a kid his age. It could even count as Spyware!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

726.7.2003 20:27

Man oh man. Theese people are dumbasses. 12yr olds know 3 times as much as i did when i was their age (and I'm 19 with numerous certifications). All theese attempts are futile, battling a generation that is always a couple steps ahead. Common now a 13yr old hacking the Riaa website? Shit dude This wont last

(adrenaline Is the closest Total freedom)

827.7.2003 6:35

It is a useless bill, but it also isnt right that children who are too young can download things they shouldnt really be seeing. The internet era has forced children to look on the sexual aspect of life at a much earlier age. There should be more emphasis placed on protecting the younger generation from these things (no matter how much they enjoy looking at it). I think that a parent should take more of a part in preventing their children from accessing explicit material not suitable for them.

927.7.2003 11:21

Actually parents do! They use something like Cybersitter etc. So basically this bill is a piece of shit! Use Cybersitter instead, if you don't want your children to go into the wonderful world of porn!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

1027.7.2003 22:36

No Software, No Spyware, No Hardware Just Money Most Porn Sites that claim to be free require proof that you are over the legal age, which is usually by putting down your credit card number or paying a fee. Maybe Kazaa will cost 10 dollars and you will be able to buy it at a games store in future....

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