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Nero 6 demo version is out

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 26 Jul 2003 0:43 User comments (9)

Nero 6 demo version is out Ahead Software has released the demo version of their newest multimedia/digital storing suite. Also announce by Ahead is that Nero 6 will include Nero Recode, a DVD 9 to 5 compression module. Also the website has been redesigned.
Read our three part Nero 6 review to see whats changed and whats new here.

Download Nero from our official mirror.

Note that the Nero contains only the core components of the software package. You can find upgrades to Vision Express and other modules at

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9 user comments

126.7.2003 6:43

From what I say of Nero 6 it wasnt much different. I mean obviously some new things like nero recode (will this encoding actually be any way good i wonder?) and ability to make miniDVD! But besides that its a lot the same for me, except of course, write cd is no longer under file ;-)

226.7.2003 13:51

Nero 6 also features AAC high efficiency audio encoding. It uses the SBR technology from MP3Pro. One catch at present: If you encode a HE-AAC MP4 track, you can only record it to CD with Nero 6 or convert it back to something else using Nero 6. There are no plugins for Winamp or any other player I know of that can play HE-AAC MP4 files properly other than legacy 22kHz without SBR mode (like MP3Pro on a non-MP3Pro compliant player).

326.7.2003 20:24

Well see in nero 7

(adrenaline Is the closest Total freedom)

426.7.2003 21:54

When is the full program coming out?

Raw Hatred

527.7.2003 7:36

i have nero could i upgrade for free from their web site to nero 6 for free . I havnt upgraded before.

627.7.2003 20:07

No slave according to the articles it won't be able to be free for Nero 5.5 users.

729.7.2003 0:45

I'm not going to get Nero 6. I'm doing just fine with 5.5.

829.7.2003 10:00

For those encoding HE-AAC (AAC+SBR), a Winamp2 plugin has just come out to play them properly at 44kHz ;-)

97.8.2003 6:05

I just rescently purchased Nero 5.5. I sent a message to Ahead asking what (if any) their conditions and prices for upgrading would be. Haven't heard from them. Does anyone know about reduced cost or free upgrading?

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