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RIAA steps up a gear with subpoenas

Written by Jari Ketola @ 25 Jul 2003 3:22 User comments (35)

RIAA steps up a gear with subpoenas RIAA has tasted the sweet nectar of suing individuals and found it so good they just can't get enough. When earlier it took a considerable amount of shared music to trigger a RIAA subpoena, it now takes merely a handful of songs to get the ball rolling. This way the number of subpoena requests will increase from 75 per week to 300 per week.
The ISP's receiving the most subpoena requests are: Comcast Cable (formerly AT&T Broadband), Road Runner, Verizon Communications, Earthlink, and AOL.

It is also worth mentioning that using an IP blocking software (eg. Peer Guardian) will probably not stop RIAA from finding out the IP address of the offender, because it's unlikely they are doing the scans from any of their known address spaces.


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35 user comments

125.7.2003 4:16

bunch of idiots anyway, just waiting for it to all fall back on top of them!

225.7.2003 7:38

there is not way they can get away with this. nuch of scare tactics. there is no law saying that downloading music is illegal. there are also lots of other ways to download music off the internet.

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325.7.2003 7:56

These people may be a "bunch of idiots", (I agree with that assessment completely by the way) however, they are in the process of doing MAJOR amounts of damage our rights and freedoms. These issues go far beyond Brittney Spears mp3s and AVIs of the Hulk. They have already set a precedent where any company can now snoop your computer, get a subpoena forcing your isp to reveal your personal information to them, and sue you if they feel they are somehow being wronged by you. This will not stop at copyright "infringement" if we let it go on. Big Brother wants ALL the marbles and will get them if not stopped. And, congress is in their pockets.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

425.7.2003 8:12

Here's a link to the news item the EFF is referring to above. "House bill would make single upload a felony"

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

525.7.2003 10:49

Damn.... someone needs to come up with something. Fuck the RIAA!!!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

625.7.2003 11:01

Damn dude this thing is getting out of control the RIAA will go down. Even if they start sueing people, they will lose sales, period. It's only a matter of time, calm down.

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725.7.2003 11:13

so the riaa has become the gestapo of file sharers everywhere. i find that sad and almost sickening that they would go after not just colleges students but people with families and even children. can you imagine the imberressment the RIAA would feel if warrants were served on all the their employees homes only to find that there own children have been sharing copyrighted files? oh yeah and last time i checked kazaa alone was downloaded over 250 million times just on if the majority people are for file-sharing then why is the minority of people against winning?

825.7.2003 11:34

Damn, if peer guardian doesn't work, what will? Is there a safe way to go about P2P anymore? I don't know about the course of legal action, but what would happen if one didn't settle with the RIAA? Would you then go to a jury trial? Surely you can't expect that 12 jurors would side with the RIAA? Does the RIAA really have the resources to go to court against all of these defendants? None of them should settle!!! All for one and one for all!!!

925.7.2003 11:58

there is no way p2p is going to stop, if they start attacking individual users for this, then IM SURE a company will provide a p2p sharing program that disallows tracking users in ANY way at all, every user would log into the same generic coded account, so that we all act as the same just babbling, but man...are they that worried about losing 1 out of 10 record buyers to the internet? they shouldnt charge 18 dollars for a cd full of garbage with one hit song BRING BACK SINGLES !!!

I remember when dinosaurs roamed the land
I remember when thinkin the earth is flat was cool...
but most of all...i remember when the Apple ruled the schools...GO NUMBER MUNCHERS!!!

1025.7.2003 12:02

I've copied my entire CD collection (100') to my HD as MP3's and then I'm copying them to DVD and going to let my friends copy them to their drives so that won't have to buy any of them. F**k the RIAA.

1125.7.2003 12:03

Make that "100's".

1225.7.2003 12:06

Well, I am absolutely not gonna stop sharing files. The RIAA is full of shit. That's exactly what they want. People to stop sharing files. You can thank the panzies who are settling with these bastards. They have to prove it all beyond a reasonable doubt if they proceed criminally. I think not. They won't get money because I don't have any!

1325.7.2003 13:13

Wise, your posts bring up a good question. You copied YOUR CD collection to your drive. Now, giving copies to your friends may be technically unlawful, but having the files on your drive should not be against the law at all, right? It's allowing uploading that our fellow citizens at the RIAA are going after, correct? They are looking at what files are in peoples "shared" folders, not what files are in other folders. Is that right? Just trying to make sure I understand all this crap correctly.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

1425.7.2003 13:24

I hate the RIAA too but you gotta give them some credit, they are scaring people into moving away from p2p networks for the fear of being sued. I personally only do IRC, I prefer having whole albums not just songs. The problem is that with programs like kazza its so easy anyone can do it so they start to police it. If you learn IRC which is not as easy as kazaa you find less users but individually they have more files. Notice how IRC has been running for years and years with no lawsuits.

Don't ask a question that has been asked a million times already don't be lazy all the info you need is here:

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1525.7.2003 13:50

Alright, they ain't gonna scare me! The RIAA are a bunch of no good, fucked up, assholes, who have too much shit, it goes all the way to their brains! I'm sure the RIAA have children who are using P2P programs/software and are sharing illegal files! So why the fuck don't the RIAA go for them first eh? Afterall, they are the most visible targets! If the RIAA sued all their children first, I'll be happy to give up file sharing, but I don't think they're gonna do that, do you? So fuck you, RIAA, you're a bunch of shitbrains who love hoarding money! Fuck YOU!!! THE RIAA ARE SHITFUCKERS!!!! Grrrr.......!!!!!!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

1625.7.2003 14:16

Hey toilet man. Sh*tf****rs and S**tbrains, man, I guess that's why they call you toiletman. You are fluent in toilet talk. Right On!

1725.7.2003 14:30

lol - he seems to hate the RIAA pretty badly

1825.7.2003 15:45

Whats so stupid about this is that the execs kids of the RIAA, if not the execs themselves don't even have to download music because they get it for free already. In the corporate world, the higher up you are and more money you make, the more free stuff you get, if only because of your power, or if they are gifts from 'corporate friends'. The execs probably bring home a box of new cd's for littly jimmy every day and explain to him about gods and clods and tell them 'look what daddy has brought back for you sport!' - Thank you daddy, says Jimmy. Then Daddy goes off to his private dedicated T1 in his home office and downloads the latest samples from his newest music interest. Of course the exec already makes a qtr of a million a year and gets the cd at cost (which is about 50 cents) if he wanted to buy it anyway - why would he thou because he gets it free and then rationalizez it to himself that d/l songs is wrong for everone else. Things have gotten so out of hand that it wouldn't surprise me if those new bills do pass congress and the pres. and we as a ppl rationalize it ourselves. Nothing will change as long as soft money donations, ect. are allowed in congress. I'm just surprised it got so bad so fast. I always thought the EOTW wouldn't happen in my lifetime...maybe i'm just looking at it from to much of a doomsday approach. G/L ALL.

1925.7.2003 15:56

i tell ya... we gotta fight back.. perhaps blackmail? send copies of our own files to their computers, get a subponea and then sue their sorry, lack of a marketing strategy pieces of shit!!! we have to fight back.. the war is about to begin, i just hope they hired some 'sellout' hackers to protect them... anyone know of the execs addresses or emails? i'd like to send them a big box full of shit! sorry, this kind of things makes me very angry.... come on fellow geeks.. we gotta protect our rights and freedoms.

2025.7.2003 16:32

i could pitch in a box of my old vcd's. Oh, wait, that won't make them mad, but a box of shit, right on their doorstep. Not email stuff. They probably have screening. But actual shit. That might gross them out, it might be good. "Honey, look a package from seamonkey, maybe it's those cool seamonkeys we saw in comic books when we were kids, let's open it. Awwww, a bag of shit! What will these p2p users think of next!" It will work. That will bring down the RIAA!

2125.7.2003 16:35

Sorry about the crude guys, you gotta laugh though, there is no way they will ever stop P2P. It is impossible. The bigggest difference you can make is set you p2p to sharing all the time. I will, you will, and however many thousand read this, you do it too. There is no fuckin way they can stop millions!

2225.7.2003 17:57

true that dude I ain't worried one bit.

(adrenaline Is the closest Total freedom)

2326.7.2003 0:39

I couldnt care less about the riaa cause im in europe so as far as i am concerned they can suck my c... geez is that the time, bbl ;-)

2426.7.2003 2:39

If and I emphasize IF people are smart, they will NEVER BUY another piece of music, but I know how people are, and they will forgive and forget. Not me!!

2526.7.2003 5:19

Man, not all music is controlled by the RIAA!! Not payig for any music anymore would be a bad idea!

2626.7.2003 11:24

All this BS about "Screw the RIAA" But what do you do if you do get a subpeona??? I cant afford a decent lawyer...I do want to continue sharing.

2726.7.2003 11:26

right now the odds are 1 in about 4 million

2826.7.2003 13:23

Move out of the US lol! :D

2926.7.2003 20:29

The RIAA are dumbass slow, behined the times, battling a generation smarter than them, and will eventually lose this stupid batte. Not everyone will settle. Yeah theyll get settlements out of some, but not everyone will succome to this, the odds are too great.

(adrenaline Is the closest Total freedom)

3027.7.2003 2:01

Actually guys, you gotta admit.... they've lasted out longer than I hoped....

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

3127.7.2003 2:07

Oh it will take a long time b4 ppl say goodbye to the RIAA!

3228.7.2003 4:05

Please print out the RIAA member list and take it with you next time you go to buy: Also check out the corrupt CD list there. It will save you money, and save you lining the pockets of the RIAA.

3328.7.2003 4:35

Wonder - is it possible to get an out-of-country ISP? That is, can I be sitting here in this RIAA infested country and have an IP belonging to some Swedish ISP?

344.8.2003 18:58

i have made a few lawyer connections with my modding/back up.. so i think iam good.. hehe... plus, how could a lawyer not want to take such a case, they are the type of lawsuits that set precedents and so on. blah.. blah..

355.8.2003 4:54

I'm not sure about the out of country ISP but what you can do is re-route your ip, I can't remember the name of the program but what it does is bounce your ip off public servers it takes a little longer but it is effective. If you wanna know the name of the app let me know and i will find it tonight at home....

Don't ask a question that has been asked a million times already don't be lazy all the info you need is here:

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