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Californian woman challenges RIAA's subpoena

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 21 Aug 2003 15:59 User comments (15)

Californian woman has filed a case against the music industry lobby group RIAA in order to get a subpoena that was filed against her, to be overturned.
According to her -- she has filed the case anonymously and is only referred as "Jane Doe" in court papers -- lawyers, RIAA's methods of seeking individuals' personal information from ISPs by using the DMCA law's subpoena clauses, violate her privacy and her constitutional rights.

"This [seeking personal info of file swappers] is more invasive than someone having secret access to the library books you check out or the videos you rent," said Glenn Peterson, one of the attorneys, in a statement.

She is the first individual to challenge RIAA's rights to obtain personal data after Verizon lost its subscriber privacy case in New York against RIAA.


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15 user comments

122.8.2003 8:02

This should be an interesting case to follow, this could really set a landmark for future courtcases.

222.8.2003 12:04

Ok, listen up... The subpoenas are INVALID. There is this thing, this FEDERAL thing, called JURISDICTION.... so, check that out, if you get a subpoena.

Ignore your rights...they'll go away.

322.8.2003 12:24

The Constitution in action again. Jane Doe I am pulling for you and thanks for taking the lead. Regards to All! Rodgers

422.8.2003 13:15

MORE MORE MORE i think everyone who was subpoenaed should do the exact same thing because if one wins, all will win! RIAA will be kicked back down which needs to happen because they are voilating privacy rights of these people!

522.8.2003 23:51

...and claims for damages! In america you can sue people for insane amounts of money, think of what would happen if all those sued by the RIAA would file counter-suits and demand a moderate sum of cash.

623.8.2003 6:10

Thank You JANE DOE (California).And I agree with you DELA!!

723.8.2003 6:40

Very sad cause she is still going to lose... RIAA needs there butts kicked but its not going to be by her. Don't get me wrong I hate the RIAA but her case is trying to prove that she didn't do it when she did. I don't think its right for the RIAA to search your computer for music but when you are sharing through Kazaa you are going to get caught. They get your IP from the files they get from you and bam your nailed. So that takes away the JURISDICTION part. what about sending people music via IM ? I have sent a few songs via Yahoo mesenger. when are they going to catch those people. Stay tuned....

823.8.2003 7:24

Wonderboy the case is not about whether or not she did it, the case is about privacy. Invasion of privacy takes precedence as per the Constitution. I am betting she will win. Ghostdog has the correct idea, sue them and hurt them in their pocketbook. Best to All! Rodgers

923.8.2003 11:02

Unite together, befriend each other, and then kill the ****ing RIAA!!! Go Jane!! I will back you fully! **** the RIAA!!! I finally got a Linux kit!!!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

1024.8.2003 4:58

Makes me feel good, people who are trying to fight a retarded system. I doubt if it will do any good however. The RIAA will simply look for another way IF they lose...which they won't because they got all those judges in their pocket. Maybe bombing a few RIAA strongholds will do the trick...

Greetz Deznaj

1124.8.2003 15:48

I read on Zeropiad (Don't believe much they say these days since Chris works for the RIAA) that Jane is most likely to lose. Since Verison is fighting the same case. Don't forget MIT and we really need to file a froad case against the RIAA not a privacy case. The research organizations have proven over and over again that the statements the RIAA is making are LIES LIES LIES. There we have the right to sue for false accusations of hurting sales. This is a long shot but it will take a lawyer with the guts to display the actual facts and a person with the patience to deliver a blow to the RIAA of this nature. Maybe MIT will deliver that blow or maybe ever Harvord Law School. There are those at Harverd that don't like what the RIAA stands for and are willing to fight against them. Voodoohippie

1225.8.2003 6:58

remmember all interstate trading or swapping of copyrighted material is illegal.... but harssment by any company is even more illegal. the right thing to do is to share files that are not named or are encrypted so its like sending an email the best thing to do is get a portable cd burner go to the local library and send and recieve or what you want is to be standing behind 3 servers and then your ip address is hidden . there are ways around it but what they are doing is wrong why cant they relise that anyone can hook up a radio tunner to the computer through line in on the sound card and record.... wow that was hard now the radio plays free music and once it is recorded to the hard drive open Real player show it the file and export it to cd when it burns the cd it will convert the file to regular cd format.....

1325.8.2003 7:24

hey ppl here is an idea change your usernames to your real name and if the RIAA releases it you can sue them for big money for releasing a name of a minor.

1425.8.2003 16:51

Hey that is a great idea. We could put in other peoples Real names and address as a screen name. Then the RIAA would get REALLY sued. That is the BEST idea I've ever heard. Problem is that they may try and prove you first typed it. However you could say it was a virus or something because you may not had even known tht person. Hmmm if enough people did that the RIAA would be broke from all the lawsuits from the public. Voodoohippie

1526.8.2003 19:54

lol is all i have to say :-) i think the RIAA have hit already, its time for the people to respond :-)

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