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Sony announces 500GB DVR

Written by Jari Ketola @ 04 Sep 2003 14:15 User comments (6)

Sony announces 500GB DVR Sony has introduced CoCoon CSV-EX11, a 500GB hard disk Digital Video Recorder in Japan. At lowest quality the DVR can record up to 342 hours (or two weeks) of video non-stop. The recording time reaches 114 hours even at the highest quality mode.
Recorded video can be transfered via ethernet to a Sony Vaio computer running Sony's "Click to DVD" software. The video can then be edited further, and burned on DVD. Other computer models are not supported for the transfer, and also the "Click to DVD" software is required.

The Linux-based CoCoon CSV-EX11 will be available with two 250GB drives, or with just a single 250GB drive. The units will be priced at $1380 and $1035 respectively. Unfortunately Sony still doesn't plan to sell CoCoon outside of Japan.

CoCoon CSV-EX11 specifications (in Japanese, Babel Fish English translation)

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6 user comments

14.9.2003 16:44

Sounds like a great product and I can vision it being the main contender to the DVD-recoring medium in the future but this is like all Sony type recording media; it can only be used with other sony products i.e. Sony's Cocoon can be used with Sony's "Click to DVD" software via a Sony Vaio you have to hook it up to a Sony Vega TV to even use it?! Jeez Sony, just let go of the consumer's t*t, you've squeezed it enough. Just standardise and we'll all get along.

24.9.2003 17:36

I guess. I have a Tivo that was hacked and has 240 gb of hard disc space. This equates to 306 hrs in low quality and over 110 hrs in best quality. (and I did nto pay over 1000 dollars for it.) I don't have a series 2 which will let you send programs over an ethernet link.

34.9.2003 17:47

very expensive....thats all i have to say :D

45.9.2003 9:48

ohh... I got confused with the title, thought it said 500 gb dvd-r! now that would of been somthing. Yes I guess this product is same concept as Tivo which as yuedana pointed out can be hacked/installed with bigger hd's.


56.9.2003 12:33

Expensive yet, could be useful. Lol at geekboy's tit commment.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

69.9.2003 13:12

I too do not like sony's proprietairy nature when it comes to consumer electronics. When sony didn't have such an attitude great things happened. The CD Rom and I think the Floppy disk are amongst them.

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