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Movielink upgrades its service

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 03 Sep 2003 15:58 User comments (2)

Movielink upgrades its service The online movie venture, jointly owned by five major Hollywood studios, the Movielink, released today a new upgraded service and plans to grow more aggressively during the next couple of months.
Previously the media desktop application that Movielink users used to watch the movies, didn't allow pausing the playback and deleted the movie immediately after the viewing, forcing the user to download the clip again in case he/she wanted to "rent" it again. Also the pausing is now possible and the computer can be turned off as well and the playback continues from the position it was left when the playback is resumed.

Movielink now also plans to launch an aggressive marketing campaign that very first time uses also "traditional" media such as newspapers and tries to get college students interested of the service. Logic behind this is clear: very big chunk of illegal movie swapping is done utilizing college Net connections -- and also the very same connections are fast enough to make services such as Movielink, pleasurable to use as the download times would be shrinked down to a minimum thanks to fast campus networks.

Movielink also announced that Disney, who doesn't own any part of the service, will start offering its non-animated movies on Movielink. Titles from Disney will include Gangs of New York and Shanghai Knights.

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2 user comments

14.9.2003 11:59

If you really wanted to rent a movie for more than 24hrs, and not taking forever to download, I use Netflix. It's better anyway. In order for this to really be any sort of success, download speeds are going to have to be faster. I don't know if my math is right, but if you download a 5GB movie at 200K a second, it's only going to take you nearly 7 hours to download. Ouch. I won't consider it on my 56k modem. (I am stuck with a dial up because parents won't allow anything more expensive). I'll stick with renting thank you.

24.9.2003 14:03

The file size from what I saw a few months ago (when I tried movielink out) when I rented Patriot Games from them was about 800 meg not 5 gb, it took me about 30 minutes to download on a "campus" network. It wasn't too bad, the only problem was the length of time that you have to watch the movie, unless you are going to watch the movie right away its useless.

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