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Pioneer's first Digital Video Recorder

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 17 Oct 2003 23:52 User comments (4)

DVD is quickly replacing old standards. It has already replaced VHS tapes in movie rentals, is currently replacing CD-Rs in data storing and now major home electronics manufacturers are pushing the Digital Video Recorders to replace our VCRs.
While Pioneer has been cutting edge in the computer DVD-R market, it enters the DVR niche quite late. At least Philips and Panasonic have been offering DVR technology for a long time.

The Pioneer DVR-5100H-S enters the market with DVR-R(W) support and a equipped with a mighty 80gb hard drive for temporary storing of video. The price tag reported by the source seems kinda high though, being a nasty £900. We’ve already seen the Philips and Panasonic costing about a half of that.
Pioneer announces its new DVD-R/RW recorder, the Pioneer DVR-5100H-S, providing consumers with the next generation of DVD technology. Pioneer is set to revolutionise the home entertainment market by introducing its first DVD recorder with an integrated hard disk drive (HDD), capable of storing a massive 102 hours of broadcast programmes, films and digital camera footage. Now there is no need to stay at home to keep up-to-date with the latest football score or soap opera – every TV fan can leave the house safe in the knowledge that all their favourite programmes are being recorded to the highest quality.
Source: Home Cinema Choice

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4 user comments

118.10.2003 3:43

It does seem very high considering the DMR-80H from Panasonic which also has an 80GB Hard Drive and costs about £600. However, there may be other features on it that i am not aware of that increases the price substantially

218.10.2003 15:46

I say screw that build your own htpc or dvr box saves money, is better, and you can mod it yourself!!!!

318.10.2003 17:45

And what happens to it when they introduce copy protection? They are already trying to pass it with HDTV making my set useless unless I play to upgrade my set.. Such BS

423.10.2003 7:08

This article is disingenuous to Pioneer, yes they are late into the market but they (and Sony) are the only suppliers of DVD-RW the others use incompatible DVD-RAM for re-writable. Try using that in your PC !! Current price is around £610 !!!! NOT £900 This makes it the best recorder on the market for all round compatibility, the inclusion of a hard drive (where's Sony on this ?) and PRICE

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