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Comcast plans to distribute Rhapsody

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 10 Nov 2003 14:08 User comments (6)

Comcast plans to distribute Rhapsody Largest American broadband provider, Comcast, has signed a deal with RealNetworks to promote media company's online digital music store, Rhapsody through its services and directly to its customers.
Comcast also plans to launch a nationwide TV advertising campaign for Comcast's Rhapsody offering. This is considered to be very good news for the whole emerging digital music "industry" as it educates people about the fact that there really are legal online alternatives to tradtional CDs.


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6 user comments

111.11.2003 1:12

So, I'll ask you what I just asked Lasse. Are these new underlined words advertisements? (Just wondering).

211.11.2003 3:08

Yes, they are. Whether we keep them or not, will be determined within next couple of weeks.

311.11.2003 6:13

I cant see any.

411.11.2003 11:47

Okie Doke. (Good luck with them). Yeah - ghostdog, sometimes I can see 'em, and sometimes I can't. And sometimes they change. (Or is it just my eyes playing tricks on me?)

511.11.2003 11:57

Huhm, does the Klingon homeworld feuture a wide range of hallucinogenic mushrooms by any chance? :)

617.11.2003 10:25

Rhapsody is a great thing. Had it since the 3rd of Oct. I have found lots of Classic Rock and Alternative stuff on Rhapsody so it is well worth the $10 per month. You can listen to an entire album and it sounds great. The RIAA should have offered this in 1998 instead of the sue them all campaign that they now practice. Voodoohippie

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