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MyTunes allows iTunes to download MP3s from other users

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 13 Nov 2003 14:15 User comments (1)

MyTunes allows iTunes to download MP3s from other users American college student, Bill Zeller, has developed an application called MyTunes that "enhances" the user experience of iTunes' Windows version. Software adds a possibility to download non-copy protected music (such as MP3s) from other iTunes users' playlists.
Software doesn't break the copy protection found on iTunes' AAC audio files, but simply allows downloading other types of music, such as P2P-downloaded MP3s, that other iTunes users have in their shared playlists.

"I would like to think they would go after those infringing copyrights and not those abiding by them," Zeller says. "However, although MyTunes can be used for legal ends, I understand how [Apple and/or the RIAA] might have a problem with the software. I would like to think the responsibility to act in accordance with the law is on the user. Authors of software should not have to babysit the user in order to ensure legal compliance."

Source: PC World

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114.11.2003 20:05

no one cares because itunes for windows is LAME. no one really cared when itunes came out, so why would they care about this. if they really wanted musid they'd just download it directly from kazaa or something. i don't know why people are wasting their time modifying this stupid program. the day mac programs effectively infultrate windows with better programs is the day hell freezes over.

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