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Microsoft plans to launch music downloads service in 2004

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 17 Nov 2003 14:44 User comments (3)

Microsoft's spokeswoman told yesterday at Comdex to reporters that Microsoft plans to launch an online digital music store in 2004 to compete with existing services, such as Apple's iTunes and Roxio's recently-opened Napster.
Company is also looking for a "senior level marketing candidate" for the new Microsoft Music Download Service, according to their website. Site states that "the first duty of this candidate will be to finalize the business plan for the Microsoft Music Download Service".

It is interesting to see whether Microsoft will attract yet another antitrust lawsuit and integrate the music store within its Windows Media Player..


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3 user comments

118.11.2003 4:29

Well here goes the free MP3 sites, they're all gonna buy them up to make paysites of them. Look what Cnet did, now here comes M$


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218.11.2003 7:23

Can you say Deee Arrr Emmm ??

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320.11.2003 12:21

well, who cares......... if its one the web to buy, then its on the web for free. duhhh, i mean come on all this crap thats going on here is just on the surface news. you dont every hear about the underground news in a legal site. i mean come on, if you know where to go you can get whatever you want for free. (P.S, DONT BOTHER ASKING ME WHERE, I KNOW BUT I DONT DO IT AND I WONT TELL YOU WERE TO GO TO GET IT, KAZAA IS FOR THOSE WHO NO NOT WHAT THEY ARE DOING, THATS WHY EVERYONE USED IT.)

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