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MPAA sued over DVD screener ban

Written by Jari Ketola @ 25 Nov 2003 1:42 User comments (2)

MPAA sued over DVD screener ban A group of more than a dozen small film companies sued the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) yesterday over the DVD screener ban imposed by MPAA. The ban prohibits MPAA members from distributing review DVDs or VHS tapes, or so called screeners, to anyone else besides the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which hands out the Oscars.
The small studios feel that the ban will limit the chances of smaller films receiving nominations or awards. That in turn will result in decreased funding for smaller studios. MPAA imposed the ban because it considers screeners to be one of the top sources for illegal movie copies. Small budget films, however, are rarely pirated, and could hence be distributed as DVD screeners in the future. But the ban doesn't make a difference between big budget blockbuster movies and small budget independent movies.

The lawsuit seeks at least $25 million in damages, and asks the court to rule that MPAA is using its position to restrict trade through unlawful and unreasonable agreements with its members.

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2 user comments

126.11.2003 04:04

If they are all members dont they have an equal say? Did they vote on it no? Seem's very unfair to me that they can just impose a ban!

226.11.2003 07:05

it's good that groups of smaller company's are suing the bigger bullys.

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