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Nero Recode v2 will improve over DVDShrink v3

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 25 Nov 2003 9:37 User comments (8)

Nero Recode v2 will improve over DVDShrink v3 Recently Ahead Software announced the key features of the Nero Recode v2, the movie backup tool of the Nero 6 package. As many of us know, the DVD-to-DVD-R transcoding abilities of the software originate from DVDShrink. This is due to the developer of DVDShrink working for Ahead Software.
As announced, the Recode v2 will incorporate some key features of the DVDShrink v3 beta. This includes the Deep Analyze –function, that aims to increase the quality of the transcoded copy. However, our sources have verified that the transcoding engine of Recode v2 has evolved significantly. Our sources refuse to go into details and retain a level of secrecy of the upcoming product, but it seems that Recode v2 will have more to offer in transcoding than its freeware 'mother' DVDShrink, not to mention all the other features such as MPEG-4 support.

Ahead Software has a good chance of taking the lead in the transcoder market.

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8 user comments

126.11.2003 5:46

Great news, I have used Recode v 0.9 with AnyDVD and it already works beautifully. I like it better than DVDxCopy (any version)as it allows for on the fly backups/any quantity and stores it on hard drive if you want, and it will be better?!!

AMD 2200+

226.11.2003 12:03

When is this new version coming out?

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329.11.2003 22:58

When is recode v2 to be released to the public? I can't fault dvd x copy platinum, it will have to very good to beat this.

414.6.2004 8:48

Nero Recode is better then DVD X Copy products by far.

514.6.2004 13:41

duke8888: when you make a statement like that, you have to be able to back it up. Why? And by how far?

613.7.2004 8:48

First off Nero is a much better product. 1. All backups made with Nero have worked on various desk top DVD players. DVD X Copy products are very touchy sometimes they work on desktops but from my experience I have had nothing but problesm. 2. The intro copy-right screen is a joke, that was only placed there to work around the laws of backing up DVD products. I don't agree with the laws but placing that screen didn't exempt them at all. 3. The compression that Nero has is much better and as a matter of fact the color and audio are so much superior then what DVD X Copy has. I can get them all on one disk with Nero but DVD X Copy requires two disk for most. This is all my personal experience and the support is very frustrating with DVD X Copy. I had requested a refund a week or two before the court decision came down as I knew they would be forced to remove their product. I did all the ask me to do but unfortunatly with no good results. I haven't used Nero support on any of their products because they work as they are suppose to. I hope that is enough info or is it too much?

713.7.2004 9:19

There is no doubt that DVDXCopy frequently interfered with other software. If all was set up correctly, DVDXCopy worked quite well. Unlike Recode, you did not need another program to remove encryption. Even if you got the RF version of DVDXCopy (without the ripper), it is possible to use information on AD to make it 'ripper enabled'. Opinions on the quality of the transcoding/compression vary too much to be able to definitely state which one is better. In addition: if you use DVDXCopy to back up your DVD to 2 DVDR, there is NO compression and the quality of the copy is not 'supposed to be' different from the original. The intro-screen IS annoying and the inability to make a 'copy of a copy' is a major drawback. duke8888, when looking at the complete picture of the 2 programs, I agree with you. I'd rather have Nero Recode than DVDXCopy. But, if you have DVDXCopy ( especially Express ) and it works well for you, switching to Recode (with AnyDVD or RegionFree) will not offer you that much more.

813.7.2004 9:49

Yes I had Express and yes it did place the whole movie minus the menus, etc. But again I had similar problems with trying to get the backup copy to play on other dvd players. The only player that was consistance in playback was the computer dvd drive using power dvd. But at times I would get some sort of erro that power dvd could read the media. I also have had great success with Pinnacle Instant Copy Version 8 but it was very time consuming and Nero was much faster in compling a dvd with great success. Thanks

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