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DVD Jon pleads not guilty

Written by Jari Ketola @ 02 Dec 2003 9:32 User comments (4)

DVD Jon pleads not guilty Jon Johansen aka DVD Jon has pleaded not guilty again to the charges made against him. In the trial that began today Johansen is accused of violating the copyright protection on DVDs and thus promoting movie piracy.
Eight days have been allocated for the trial, and it will be overseen by three professional judges and four laymen, two of which have technical expertise relevant to the case.

Aftenposten writes:
According to newspaper VG's web site, the technical nature of the case led to judge Wenche Skjaeggestad asking the prosecutor to explain the meaning of the central term 'algorithm' (a computational procedure applied to solve a problem), a request eventually satisfied by one of the expert assessors.


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4 user comments

12.12.2003 11:33

Damn right its not guilty, he just wanted to play his dvd's on linux and he didnt even crack CSS he just wrote DeCSS the program

22.12.2003 12:06

If that's why they are going after him, then he would be fine as long as he didn't post how to beat it online. If he did that then they have some ground to go after him, but that happened how many year's ago. The reason why Jon got off the first time was the Judge probably feels that they should have already developed a new encryption, and/or if he didn't find a way around their precious DVD protection, then somebody else would (you know many people have too much free time on their hands:) ). Now only if all judges fell that way.

34.12.2003 12:10

bird1234 you are absolutly right about that, if the mpaa does not want anyone copying movies. then why the hell is their dvd backup software for sale. that dosent make any sense at all does it. why wont they fight them

Broken Signal

44.12.2003 12:11

how many of the riaa people do you think uses kazaa for thier oersonal use.

Broken Signal

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