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It's a boy!

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 01 Dec 2003 20:12 User comments (16) congratulates Hannu ('krimu', one of our admins) and his wife, Katja, who got their second child today!

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16 user comments

11.12.2003 20:54

congrats Hannu!

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22.12.2003 2:14


32.12.2003 3:17


42.12.2003 4:08


52.12.2003 5:03

Congratulations, kids are wonderful!!

62.12.2003 5:23

Congrats :-)

72.12.2003 6:52

wait till you have 4 like me!! then you're in for some fun :) congrats dad!! - friend of the forums, great guitar player
#afterdawn (well i have no idea where it is anymore)

82.12.2003 8:32

4??? what about me? :( thought u adopted me darth? am i not good enuff to add me into the count? *runs off crying*

92.12.2003 8:38

:D Yay! :D

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102.12.2003 11:35

oooh yeah, i forgot about my looney Irish kid over there, make that 5. :) you just spend so much time with that gf, i thought you moved out for a while. - friend of the forums, great guitar player
#afterdawn (well i have no idea where it is anymore)

112.12.2003 11:57

lol!! nah i dont spend as much time with her as id like darthnip :-) havent been able to connect to any liquidirc server either, at this moment #ad_buddies is pretty much dead! but ah well, soon as that is back i should be back on it a lot more than i was, i went into a weird phase there for a while :-)

122.12.2003 14:40


132.12.2003 14:56

seamonkey!! you're alive!!!! yaaaayyyy Dela, the only one i have been able to connnect to is (spelling of redevilz is correct) - friend of the forums, great guitar player
#afterdawn (well i have no idea where it is anymore)

143.12.2003 8:55

Happy spawning :-) Paul

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154.12.2003 12:14

happy birthday to your child....hope it gets the good portion of the gene man....its good to see life brougt into the world.

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168.12.2003 16:38

just in time for christmas

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