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First details and pics of Nero Recode2 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 03 Dec 2003 2:03 User comments (3)

First details and pics of Nero Recode2 released Guys at HydrogenAudio have released first screenshots and details of new Nero Recode2. Nero Recode2 is a software that combines compressed domain MPEG-2 transcoder (i.e. quick MPEG-2 bitrate reducer, such as DVD Shrink, DVD X Copy XPRESS and DVD2One) together with a MPEG-4 encoder that uses Ahead's own MPEG-4 codec called Nero Digital that aims to compete against likes of DivX and XviD.
Based on the screenshots and the information available, Recode2 implements DVD backup features with well-polished user interface and very, very fast MPEG-4 encoding speed. Software also supports 5.1 audio, MP4 wrapper format, MP4-wrapped subtitles, etc.

More informtion and screenshots are available from here.

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3 user comments

13.12.2003 6:44

Thats great. really nice tools. i like the many dvds to one for season series and stupid LOTR 2 disc crapola. BUT... i'm sure we can all agree to give it a big friggan whoop-di-do if it doesnt have the DeCSS decryptor functionality built in. One would have to decrypt the dvd and reburn it to dvd(unless it can emulate a dvd drive off a folder) just to be able to get use out of it. but it would come in handy with porn. a lot of the crappier dvds out there dont have encryption.... so i hear. er. yeah. dull

33.12.2003 7:17

Nero will never add any type of copywrite circumvention (decryption) for legal reasons. Just see what 321 studios is going though with their DVDX copy stuff.

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