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HP to launch online music service

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 03 Dec 2003 16:09 User comments (2)

HP to launch online music service Now when everybody are already jumping to the online music bandwagon, HP has decided to do join the crowd. The PC giant is planning to launch its own online music service in January.
HP's service will most likely utilize some existing service, just like Dell's service uses MusicMatch's existing online music service. HP also plans to launch a string of consumer electronic products, including a portable digital music player and various LCD flat panel TVs in 2004.

Source: Reuters

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2 user comments

14.12.2003 6:06

Sounds like big business is trying to jump on the bandwagon now and in the process kill indie music sites now and sell us more crap we don't want. I say this as a result of CNet's aquisition of Take over a free site to make it a pay site. geesh... I guess we will see what happens after the dust settles, I still say support the indie artists and boycott RIAA members. Back to the RIAA model eh??


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24.12.2003 14:20

The music industry's party line has been "we can't compete against free" in regards to P2P ever since napster. That was one of their big stated reasons for not getting into the on-line music market. Then the music giant, APPLE COMPUTERS comes along and shows that yes Virginia, you can compete with "free", and now everybody and their mother is tripping over one and other trying to get their pay music services up. To be honest I don't think "big business" is out to squash indie music companys. I think they just have their heads up their a$$es. Now mind you, if some of the actions that big biz takes as it rushes to market (fools rush in...) take out some of the indie competition, the boys at corporate will not be displeased. I just don't think the indie slice of the music $$ pie is big enough for the likes of Time-Warner to even notice. "Security" is becoming a four letter word in my vocabulary.

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