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RIAA sues yet another 41 P2P users

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 03 Dec 2003 15:33 User comments (13)

RIAA sues yet another 41 P2P users Recording Industry Association of America told to press that it has sued yet another 41 P2P users over alleged copyright infringements.
RIAA started its latest manhunt against P2P network users in September and since sued almost 400 American P2P users.

"This is an ongoing strategy, and the way to let people know that there is a risk of consequences is to continue the program," RIAA President Cary Sherman said. "You don't set up a speed trap for one day and stop enforcement thereafter. It has to be consistent."

RIAA also stated that it has reached out-of-court settlements with 220 accused P2P users. This figure includes people who have settled with RIAA, whether they've have been sued or just threatened with RIAA's DMCA letters.


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13 user comments

14.12.2003 3:41

What about people who go to their public library and borrow CD's and DVD's; If we make mp3's and clones are the RIAA and MPAA police gonna arrest us for that too. Hmmmmmm

24.12.2003 5:48

Is'nt it amazing that 'Big Brother' can target these users effectively, yet do nothing at all to control unwanted email spam and spammers. The courts should be ashamed of themselves for making available subscriber details of private individuals.

34.12.2003 6:01

This is typical of big buisness supporters (republicans), if it makes them money or protects their contributors then its important. Just look at all the changes the Bush admin has foisted upon us to benefit big buisness (logging, natural gas, etc...), basically changes to the current environmental legislation to allow big busisness more lattitude to avoid environmental repercussions (clean air and water). Why should the RIAA/MPAA situation be any different? THe current administration has only one agenda, to help their supporters (a.k.a. big business) and keep the money flowing. I say lets all let the elected officials know what we think by replacing them come election time. It is time the elected officials start representing the people not big business.


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44.12.2003 8:10

strcruzer, couldn't have said it better myself.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

54.12.2003 8:18

- CD's were released, made lots of money for the RIAA, they kept producing them. - DVD's were released, they made lots of cash too, the MPAA kept producing them. SUING started, made lots of money for the RIAA AND MPAA, now they do it more often. bullying goes beyond the playground!

64.12.2003 12:05

u know what, the simple fact is that the riaa cant stop it no matter what, all this is is just a little dent in the road...there other places to get stuff rather that p2p software (not gonna specify where so dont ask becasue i wont tell you). all this crap is nothing more than a litlle ding. nothing more. no one really cares about p2p, the only thing that anyone cares about is if they can get what they want for free. well if its illegal, then somones gonna try to put a stop to it. weve all downloaded the illegal mp3s so now lets stop complaining about it, complaining is obviously not the solution. if you hadnt picked up on it IM A REPUBLICAN AND NOT EVERYTHING IS THE FAULT OF THE REPUBLICANS SO DONT PIN EVERYTHING ON US. now im not siding wit the riaa in anyway. dont get me wrong. but come on, get over it already. so you think that if you found away to get free mp3s withought getting caught you would still care about everyone else getting sued. no of course you wont and you know why, becasue you dont care now. everyone whos bitching is just mad becasue they cant get their music for free anymore. Oh by the way loginasme, i liked your post that was a pretty intresting thought.

Broken Signal

74.12.2003 12:28

Do you agree with the republican parties move as to the environment? The only thing I have said is the republican politicians have only one thing on their mind, keeping their money donating constituents happy, a.k.a. big business, MPAA, RIAA, etc.


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84.12.2003 14:18

I don't know the figures so maybe I'm talking through another orifice but would'nt it be fair to say a high proportion of these illegal downloads are done by children (anyone under 18 in my country) With due respect to the talented musicians, I listen to most of this new music and would be surprised if anyone would bother buying it in the first place. I have absolutely no problem with the music industry using ethnicity and young girls wearing very little and gyrating provocatively to sell the music of the talentless but that's because my children are fully grown adults. I'd hate to be bringing them up again through this music environment. Should'nt the MPAA, RIAA etc be held to higher standards? Seems to me that the Tobacco industry is singled out for coercing children to buy their product when the MPAA and RIAA are getting away with it.

94.12.2003 14:55

Is there a guide to using old fashioned "newsgroups" for binary files. A friend of mine gave me 85,000 mp3's downloaded over DSL with newsgroups....took up over 500 cdr's to hold 'em. He used to use "XNEWS", but i'm not savy about it.

105.12.2003 7:20

quote from signal> "the only thing that anyone cares about is if they can get what they want for free" Spoken like a true republican. It may even be true for a portion of people but there are a lot of us who care about our rights, freedoms, and privacy. If you don't think the RIAA, MPAA, AND our republican president, senators, and congressmen (actually the democrats are really no better in my mind) are activly involved in attempting to limit and take away some of those rights in the names of "anti-piracy" and "the war on terror" then well... just keep on living in whatever little fantasy you've got going. Relax, this won't hurt a bit. You won't even miss them when they're gone. Really, trust me.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

117.12.2003 20:18

maybe I haven't follow this subject close enough but when I found out about it...Napster was getting ready to go down any day. Now the way I thought things were happening was that people were sharing what they had the only difference was the format/distance compared to the old days of copying songs on cassestte or tv on video. Nobody made this much stink over sharing then...why now just b/c it's cd's/dvd's instead of cassesttes/VHS and your circle of friends may have widened greatly b/c of the invent of the net. Now if someone is dl'g straight from a music/movie places like MGM or a recording studio's network then yeah that's not sharing between yourselves; but stuff you already have...this is too much. Sue seems to be the word of the day anymore. Anything to make a buck off someone. I never saw anyone getting sued over taping music onto cassettes and sharing it or or a vcr tape. I bought it...I owned it...and if I want to share it with someone then I will. I didn't steal it and neither did they...I gave it to them. I had an unbelievably large music collection from the 50's, 60's, 70's, some 80's, 90's, in albums, 45's, cassettes, even 8-tracks and 78's. I every piece was paid for but I lost much of it in a flood. Now how would a person in that situation be able to replace what they lost when most of that isn't even around anymore? unless someone else has a personal copy and is willing to share it. So unless someone is ripping off the original source aka a movie company or music studio directly rather than from someone's personal collection I think this is a bunch of propraganda to make money off of people by suing them. Just my 2 cents. I may be off topic of what really has been going on if I am so be it and if not this is what I think. oh btw I've only ever dl'd 2 songs from someone andt they were both old songs by the chilites, and the grass roots and I ran a music store for 3 yrs 6 days a week. and old songs are hard to find in retail.


Life's a trip....enjoy the ride!

123.1.2004 21:16

There is a large lobby of people in the Library Industry that is lobbing like crazy to prevent them from being the target. While the RIAA is not really interested in them at present it could easily go the other way down the road. It has been the simple tactic to blame the P2P users for all their problems. No need to change anything broke in business if you can find someone to blame for the problem. The RIAA has made a drum beat out of blaming P2P users and rarely fails to take a shot at beating it. The latest scheme of charging 99 for a mp3 is outrageous. When you look at what it costs you it is the same old same old. If I gotta pay for a song, I want the real mccoy and not part of the song, which is what a lossy file is. Added to that is that everyone in the middle is cut out. If you listen to them, you find that they talk with both sides of the mouth saying what ever is convient only later to find that they have contradicted themselves. Gotta hand it to them, without the RIAA I would have never known of P2P. They advertise while they pursue folks, go figure...

134.1.2004 9:51

leestrada: ask in File Sharing, not here :-) The Rest of Ya's: let's not let this get into a big political war now shall we? All at once.... Praetor for world leader.

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