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Plextor 708A reviewed

Written by Jari Ketola @ 06 Dec 2003 10:49 User comments (6)

Plextor 708A reviewed Our friends at DVD Writers have put Plextor's multi-format DVD-writer 708A to the test.
Plextor have put out a fine product Plextor with their 708A DVD writer. Plextor has long been known as the company that produces quality optical drives and they haven't failed with the 708A - this drive is leagues ahead of the competition.

The 708A's 8 speed dvd writing in around 8mins is a far cry from the days of Pioneer A03 (which was our first reviewed DVD writer) and would write a DVD in around 1 hour. At 8 speed the 708A gave the fastest DVD writing times of any DVD writer we have tested. Since 8 speed DVD+R isn't an official standard the Plextor 708A can write to a few good quality 4 speed +R at 8 speed (saving you a few quid in the process).

... this is the best DVD writer - buy it!

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6 user comments

17.12.2003 05:45

I bought one of these and it almost feels like it was supposed to be out a year from now. It's just way better then everthing else that's out. :)

27.12.2003 06:50

Is there really such need for this speed. I mean, when I make a back up of ANYTHING, at 4x speed, it takes around 20 minutes max. So, I guess there is!! But is it stable, and how exspensive is this DVD-RW?

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

38.12.2003 06:02

Mine has been pretty good to me. Gladly replaced my older Pioneer A03 which produced coasters on regular basis. Have only produced one coaster with my 708a so far. Funny thing is that it was done while verifying with RecordNow Max a copy of T2 that was transcoded with DVD Shrink--a command sense error if memory serves me right. Anybody got any peeves with this drive yet? Oh yeah, one other complaint, it was the darnest expensive unit of the bunch!

49.12.2003 09:29

I have one 2 great machine I had the sony DRU 500A First but the plex is great


519.2.2004 18:57

Before I buy any computer equipment I read reviews and forums like this. The Plextor 708A seemed like a winner so I bought it just recently. I brought it home and had it installed in less than 3 minutes (Thank you Dell for the pop open case and easy drive removal process). The software installation was also very quick and flawless. This is one of the finest pieces of computer hardware I have ever owned. The drive is silky smooth and has a real solid feel when it ejects disks. My first project was to record 4.7 GB on a TDK +R 4X. Needless to say it operated perfectly and finished the job in less than 9 minutes...WOW. I had never heard of Plextor before my "research" but if this is an example of what they produce, consider me a loyal customer.

619.2.2004 19:00

Sorry one more comment... The drive was $199 with a $30 rebate. Yes, it is more expensive than some but you get 8X on 4X media. Also the quality level is way above what I have seen by other manufacturers. I'd rather pay more for something that works so well than waste endless hours with a $99 special, in the long run, which one is more cost effective?

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