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Sony quits DVD±R manufacturing

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 18 Dec 2003 7:41 User comments (6)

Sony quits DVD±R manufacturing The DVD recordable market is evolving at a breath taking speed. The speed of the drives is increasing, dual layer technology is on its way and the next generation formats are already specified. During the 2003 prices have sunk and DVD-R may well be one of the hit products for this Christmas.
Now Sony drops the bomb as they announced to stop DVD recordable drive production and start outsourcing drives from Taiwanese manufacturers. Sony was one of the largest drive manufacturers. It is predicted that the most likely partner would be LiteOn.

As Sony already gives up on competing with the Taiwanese and Korean manufacturers, ti will be interesting to see what will other the other well branded companies do. Especially it is interesting to see how can the Pioneer take the heat?


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6 user comments

118.12.2003 17:38

AWESOME! That means -indirectly- that my new LiteOn CDVDrw drive is pretty well made if Sony wants to join them! Or not. But still, that's weird but cool! (did that make any sense...)

218.12.2003 23:38

Why would sony want to drop out of the DVD recordable biz? Aren't they making money off of their drives? Wouldn't they want to make their own dual layer technology? Does anyone know when dual layer recorders are supposed to hit the market? I assume that means perfect one to one copies; no need for DVD Shrink.

319.12.2003 5:27

I am going to presume that Sony will still make the drives, but under LiteOn's name / licence. This way you get a "Sony" product but, will have LiteOn's name and probably thier price. Might boost sales. Just a thought as most electronic companies and automotive companies do it all the time,..lesser the price "change the name" and get the product out the door.

~ You sure you wanna do dat? ~

419.12.2003 5:38

HEY OAKside24, yeh know what u mean LiteOn's some models anyway r recommended 4 copying/reading/burning so if sony want 2 sell them rather than make there own that seems like a pretty good recommendation. Thanx 4 the link 2 PS2FlipTop i am in UK and have never heard of this mod but it certainly looks the way 2 go rather than chips, i have heard that some of these start-up disks don't work properly how have u got on with this mod does it work ok... cheers

519.12.2003 18:24

I thin you got that wrong i think sony will stop making them and take lite-on drives and label them there own. that way sony can make money and so can lite-on. Lite-on will make more money and sony will make money off of the deal also its a win win situation.

622.12.2003 6:56

Sony has decided to develop the technology and then outsource to the cheapest labor. It's more profitable that way since labor in Japan is way too expensive. Same here in the States where every company outsources everything, including the kitchen sink.

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