AfterDawn: Tech news v3 launched - win a T-shirt!

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 19 Dec 2003 22:39 User comments (96) v3 launched - win a T-shirt! It has been a long time coming, but the new v3 (version 3) layout is now here! It has taken literally hundreds of hours of designing, coding, and testing to get to result you are seeing before your eyes. To celebrate the release, we are giving away ten T-shirts to our members! If you already entered the draw before December 22nd, please enter again!

A bit of background information

The pages have been designed from scratch by Teemu Pärssinen, our web designer (his home pages are only in Finnish, unfortunately). He has done an amazing job in turning our sometimes more than vague requests into reality.
After the layout was "locked", Petteri "dRD" Pyyny took over the pages and started transferring the old pages to the new layout. Many of the pages were actually re-coded to improve performance and functionality, and all of the pages were optimised and tweaked.

In addition to the new looks you'll find some new functionality from the site. But you can count on us adding nice little new features in the near future, as soon as we have ironed out the inevitable bugs and problems with the new page, and sat back for a while and taken a breath!

If you feel a bit lost, please take a look at the small help page we have put together. There's also a page map available, that outlines the structure of the site. Please report any problems via the feedback form. If for some reason it doesn't work, you can also email us directly at Unfortunately we did not manage to finish the Finnish version of the new layout in time for the launch. It will be released in January, 2004.

Win a free T-shirt!

Back of T-shirt
That's right! To celebrate the launch of the new layout we are giving away ten (10) T-shirts for absolutely free. All you need to do is post a comment to this news article to be included in the draw.

You can see the back of the T-shirt printing on the right (click for a bigger image). On the front of the shirt there's an embroidery of the v3 -logo.

Winners will be drawn at random on December 31th. We decided to extend the deadline to make sure everyone whose entry was lost due to the database wipeout has enough time to enter again. The winners will be contacted via email, so make sure your account information is up to date. Good luck! And Merry Christmas! Staff

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96 user comments

122.12.2003 6:46

very nice design.

222.12.2003 6:53

See Please post to this thread again to enter the draw. Sorry about the inconvenience..

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Jari Ketola

322.12.2003 7:12

I love the new layout and colour scheme, the search feature is much easier to locate and the whole site is much more intuative. P.s. thats also a great T-Shirt. I would look great in it. In fact if I win one I will send you a piccy of me wearing out in town.

422.12.2003 7:16

Looking good! 8)

522.12.2003 7:20

Prolly the ISP From Hell didn't like my previous post and decided to wipe out the entire database :D This new desing is modern, simple, easy to read and navigate but still there's a lot of eye-candy and details. And the colors are perfect! The T-Shirt would be kewl, too! It would be my number one shirt to wear...

622.12.2003 7:47

like it it alot

722.12.2003 7:58

Threw me off at first, but really liking the layout compared to the old. Keep up with the good work!

822.12.2003 8:08

With evolution comes knowledge, with knowledge comes revolution, with revolution comes independence, with independence comes freedom of choice and what the people has evolved. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Freedom of speech must never be silenced, I may completly disagree with what you say but, "I will defend to the death your right to say it" CDCoaster, AKA, sYNAPSE aSSASSIN...Making free music for the masses, IFPI/RIAA BEWARE! when the rest of the world catches up with all our free music THAT WILL BE THE DEATH OF YOU, NOT P2P. Sue me,sue me, and i will serve my time i will make more music and with it sing my rhyme you will never stop us we are here to stay we evolve faster than you, and we will have our day...

922.12.2003 8:20

Thanks for excellent service; the contents are number 1 to me, but the "face lift" is excellent, too! I hope You'll find another ISP soon. Maybe we should also know, which ISP to avoid?! Thanks again and please keep up the GRRREAT work!

1022.12.2003 8:24

I love t-shirts and t-shirts love me...but seriously this is a great place to be at aD.

1122.12.2003 9:14

Nice lay-out... "Latest forum topics" could be longer, i.e with 20 or even 30 latest topics. I've noticed that it takes only 5 minutes to update posts with new ones at that "Latest forum topics".

1222.12.2003 9:14

Great layout -- and much easier to navigate. Makes me want to lurk a little more, rather than read what I need and leave,

1322.12.2003 9:32

Very nice design! It is very "fitting" for the spirit of Afterdawn. Also makes my life a little easier (navigation wise) Thanx Guys!

1422.12.2003 9:33

No longer a lurker, your site has got me. T-shirt, yeah!!!

1522.12.2003 9:44

No more wap pages... You had at least two active wap users.

1622.12.2003 9:49

Latexxx: WAP and AvantGo will come back shortly after Christmas.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

1722.12.2003 9:52

Latexxx: WAP and PDA should be working now actually, it was a pretty quick thing to fix :-)

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

1822.12.2003 10:20

Very nice indeed. Sorry about the loss of database, though :(. ISP's - can't live with them, can't live without them...

1922.12.2003 11:11

The accessability I really like. The tabs on the top are an amazing idea! I must be the only one but the colour scheme is not too my taste. But I like metal links, black on black ete. Too much colour for me. Bet everything else is amazing. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

2022.12.2003 11:21

I really like the new site, it has so much more functionality than before. But, to be honest, I must admit that I want the shirt...

2122.12.2003 12:12

Excellent site. My compliments to the designer!

2222.12.2003 16:41

Nice color scheme Ya done did youse selfs proud guys - "P" Seasons Greetings All -

The “Old Man” Pete (ö¿ô)

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>

2322.12.2003 18:36

great site layout.. nice and fresh, but not too flashy.. oh yea boyz and girlz, the t-shirts rule! thanks afterdawn! luv mine, i know!

2423.12.2003 7:07

This is like the coolest T-shirt I've seen in a loooong time. And this is what I wud like to proudly wear rather than pledging allegiance to some sell-out band by wearing theirs. Keep up the gr8 work. I have learned a lot about DVD and video technology from here. This is where I wanna be..tall & proud ! All Hail ! Up the Irons !!!

2523.12.2003 12:24

Alright time for entry number two! Great new interface guys! Boy I'd love to be the envy of every kid on my block by sportin' a fresh A-D shirt! Hook it up! Cheers! Adam

2623.12.2003 17:40

I think all the people involved in the forums make this site a success, the friendly help and professional manner, and now the design matches the inner meaty goodness, great stuff, keep it up guys.. ps love the shirt. Bailey

2723.12.2003 18:07

hmmm I posted a very good post but I guess it was lost due to the ISP.. But Anyway Very Nice New Layout an Site, Keep up the good work Afterdawn team.. Labrat

2823.12.2003 19:45

i wasn't sure i was on the right website. it looks really great and not cluttered. i would love to show off your that great looking t-shirt :)

2924.12.2003 4:01

Hello Team, the new release is very effective, clean and easy to navigate. Cogratulations to Teemu: I also design websites, and know how difficult it is to render it really usable! Great work, dudes! Geko

3024.12.2003 4:37

Very nice design. good colors and layout.

3124.12.2003 5:15

I also like this design. Actually it's execelent. I have also done and designed websites. It's very hard to find good solutions for colors, navigations and so on...

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3224.12.2003 6:09

well done lads... colour & user friendly... long may it continue

3324.12.2003 6:21

LiZ... take it on...

3424.12.2003 7:00

Nice new look here. =D Merry Christmas!

3524.12.2003 7:02


3624.12.2003 7:34

The new layout is good! The site is informative and useful as always. 'appy 'ollidaze and all. On a more serious note... Here in the US the S.O.G. level, or "Suspicion Of Government" level has been raised to the "HIGH" level. As you may know, the "HIGH" level is the bright green with purple hairs colored level. This is the only notification you will receive as the normal news and information channels have been compromised. That is all.

3724.12.2003 8:24

Looking good...:-)

3824.12.2003 10:48

Sweet! It's smooth and the colors are great too. Like the new look!

3924.12.2003 11:19

Ok, u did it It´s hard to build a site that can be appelative, but at the same time doesn´t tire u when you are a frequent user. Innovation without saturatio ;) Best wishes, keep up the good work

4024.12.2003 14:23

What I think is, new skin is just a little messy, maby because it's my first time I'm using it and maby I just need to get used to it. Anyway marry christmas to everyone. I'm apalogisin my bad english skills.

4124.12.2003 19:53

T-shirts displaying stuff is always cool!!!

4224.12.2003 19:53

T-shirts displaying stuff is always cool!!!

4325.12.2003 3:38

Looking very nice!!!

4425.12.2003 5:21

Not bad, good colors and refreshing.

4525.12.2003 9:51

The site looks great!! So does the t-shirt. I can't tell but does it have a bunch of words making up the back? Would be cool if it had some of the guides listed on the back like that!! Keep up the great work guys.

4625.12.2003 9:52

Oh almost forgot....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!

4725.12.2003 9:58

looks real good.

4825.12.2003 10:44

Mostly nice, I think. New layouts are always a bit scary things, but this one is pretty friendly already.

4925.12.2003 16:31

Hmm... this is pretty cool idea =) Those t-shirts looks pretty nice!

5025.12.2003 17:14

t-shirt looks nice!

5125.12.2003 19:01

Finally a site that zero's in on exactly what my interest are. Looking forward to a long and informative relationship............Would I ever love to have one of your T's...

5226.12.2003 0:38

I liked the old site,thought it worked well, but i must say the new one is much better,nice neat layout.Nice subtle colours.Yup...i like it alot.(direct link to oriphus/herbsman would be useful cos im always bothering them!!!!)hope the tees come in fatboy size!

5326.12.2003 2:40

This new layout seems exellent. The old layout was a little bit lighter, but this new one is more beatiful.

5426.12.2003 7:02

Jep jep...

5526.12.2003 7:48


5626.12.2003 10:27

Now that shirt looks intresting. But any way soo much good information to read.No time to type. Keep up the good work.

5726.12.2003 11:50

Happy Easter I mean xmas. Can I have a t shirt please?

5827.12.2003 6:25

My precious...

5927.12.2003 6:48

Great work on the new look!

6027.12.2003 8:44

Looks good!!! Now... Make me look good in that new tee...

6127.12.2003 11:33

let the jealousy begin.. check out my t-shirt! :-) got mine for submitting a guide, to me thats the easiest way! peace seamonkey420_

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6228.12.2003 12:31

The news item text was not updated properly earlier on, but it's now correct. So the deadline has been extended to December 31th. You've still got a couple of days to enter! Post to this thread / news item, and you're included in the draw. You can post more than once, but it won't increase your chance of winning, of course. =) It's ok if you can't think of anything to say. As long as your name appears on this page, you're in the draw.

6328.12.2003 12:47

looking good... Happy New Year to everybody who visit in these pages

6428.12.2003 19:29

Wooo, cool new design. Looks great. Happy New Year Everyone.

6528.12.2003 20:35

Feels good, looks good..

6628.12.2003 22:51

Finally starting to get used to the new design. I was at first disapointed that I got no email by Dec 27, but now with the extentsion all is good. Thank you to all the admins, Mods and especially dRD, You all deserve a break during the holidays.

6729.12.2003 2:54

Well it is always nice to have a T-shirt like this in the Netherlands!

6829.12.2003 3:44

Nice to wake up to a new site..I'm sssttill rubbing my eyes.

6929.12.2003 4:45

Happy new year from finnish site!

7029.12.2003 7:00

New design rocks!

7129.12.2003 8:30

I eat T-Shirts for breakfast, but I'll wear this one.

7229.12.2003 10:15

great face lift

7329.12.2003 11:13

Not bad. Not bad at all. Keep up the great work guys.

7429.12.2003 12:17

I like it!

7529.12.2003 13:06

i think the site has the most modern asthetics I have ever seen, it is quite obvious that this master outline will recognized as the lead of many duplicates. I was equally amazed at the t-shirt design and would love to print them for you free, you supply the shirts. I can not however embroider the front but can screen an equally impressive front logo for you!! Please contact me you have the info, i would need the artwork 3 days before print. Thanks for all you do , have done and continue providing!!

7629.12.2003 20:56

I own a pair of shoes. I hope I win a T-shirt so I can get some service.

7730.12.2003 1:49

I visit this site at least once a day to keep up with all the news. Good work!

7830.12.2003 6:39

Good Stuff. Keep the members signing up so we can keep a good strong forum happening. T-shirt looks good.

7930.12.2003 9:30

Great site. I always come here first for all my CD/DVD burning questions and I have never been disappointed. Thanks for the great job.

8030.12.2003 10:30

Hello, newbie here.... dont know much about cd burning etc, but have just been donated a burner by my son, so I am certain I will found out everything I need to know here.... site layout looks great, by the way..:-) Oh, and A Happy New Year to you all.....

8130.12.2003 12:24

I just ran out of t-shirts, I NEED this one!

8230.12.2003 16:17

There is no "I" in Team and no "me" in T-Shirt. But there should be!

8330.12.2003 17:35

Happy New Year to all aD users !; )-~

8430.12.2003 20:23

Wow.... I usually only drop by about once evey teo weeks to catch up on the current action, and Bam! This time has currently been a surpise. Just been crusing around a bit and love the new design. Much thanks to the hard work put in by the staff. Thanks for making Aftyerdawn and even better place guys! Here to winning a T-shirt :)

8530.12.2003 23:13

Happy New Year 2004 to all AD users

8631.12.2003 0:45

I hope ALL Have A Very Happy New Year and thanks for all ur support to all the help needed i have found this site very informative :-))))))

8731.12.2003 5:13

Guess I better enter again then. The new design still rocks!

8831.12.2003 6:07

so if i promise to go streaking thru downtown with nothing but this t-shirt on, does that increase my chances of winning one??? ;)

8931.12.2003 8:55

Not been here in a while. The news design of the site is cool. Hope i'm not to late to try and win a t-shirt. Happy New Year.

9031.12.2003 9:44

I am new and are enjoying Afterdawn!

9131.12.2003 9:59

welcome aboard reg444!! hope you find alot of useful info on this wonderful world of info we know as afterdawn. :)

9231.12.2003 10:31

This is a Great Site where I can learn a lot about interesting burn problems. Wish you all very good luck and a happy new Year to every one.

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9331.12.2003 17:21

Just under two hours to the end of the "contest"! Winners will be drawn tomorrow, January 1st 2004 (so I guess it should say "the contest will close on December 31th.. Oh well. =) ), and the results will be announced later the same day. Happy New Year from Oulu, Finland!

9431.12.2003 17:39

T-shirt? Said yes once, I'll say it your site, really want a shirt.

952.1.2004 0:02

OH happy days I have won a T shirt what a great start to 2004

967.1.2004 9:45

I have won a T shirt what a great start to 2004

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