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Our database server wiped out by our friendly ISP

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 22 Dec 2003 6:43 User comments (16)

Our database server, which contains all the users, forum posts, news, software downloads, etc was wiped totally out by our friendly, very soon former, ISP today without notifying about the issue at all.
Big thanks to them, we have now lost couple of thousand messages, few news and over one thousand users as the latest database backup we had was from 20th of December which has been now put online.

So, if your account information is somewhat whacked or you wish to re-post your comments about our new layout (and enter into the T-shirt draw) or whatever, please re-enter the data/messages/comments again.

The database is currently running on a backup server and it's affecting the performance of the server quite dramatically. Especially the forums are suffering from the slowdown.

We're sorry about this and promise that we'll move rest of our five servers to some other ISP hopefully today.

-Petteri Pyyny

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16 user comments

122.12.2003 6:50

*kicks* thnx alot guys :@ imagine if u had done that toa site that doesnt make backups of their database regularly! it woulodnt be so funny would it??

222.12.2003 8:00

We managed to save some of the news, but forum messages and new user (and changed) details are simply gone.

322.12.2003 8:10

What a great site! Never got so much out of a place before, always been a lurker. I've done a little programing, graphicwork, and PC stuff. You've got it all, and the new design is so easy to use. T-shirt, Yeah!

422.12.2003 8:26

BIG BROTHER STRIKES AGAIN??? but little brother is smarter!

522.12.2003 11:17

Oh thats why I got update notifications and no update was on the thread. Ok, Good to hear. Well bad to hear, but thought it was the update procedure and was scared it would happen to every thread. We back up every week to month. Imagine if the backup you used was Nov, how much then would be lost. Crazy thinking about it.

622.12.2003 14:37

Dirty rotten b@stards. There are LOADS of people who depend on this site and the information within....on a daily basis. It's the ISP's loss now. AfterDawn needs an ISP that can keep them in the loop and discuss sh!t before they do stuff. Very unprofessional if you ask me. Best of Luck to AfterDawn and their staff for keeping this site up and running uninteruppted. Obvious they put a tonne of effort into the site. Just my two (2) cents.. BlkPnthr

722.12.2003 18:21

I went to look at my thread E-mail notifications, clicked on the thread link .... The post was in Finnish. Confusion set in. Went to the news page and all was made clear. I just want to say thanks to all who work to provide us with this great site. This forum has such a clean and user friendly look compared to most. Frank

823.12.2003 12:20

Alright round two! I'd love to be the envy of every kid on the block sportin' a fresh A-D shirt! Great site guys! Love the new interface.

923.12.2003 14:58

nice layout seems real professional. Oh yea t-shirt is the r0x0rs

1029.12.2003 11:16

The new layout looks pretty good. Its easy on the eyes for sure. Good job guys.

1129.12.2003 13:49

The site looks great. My only problem with it is that every other time i try to go here, it doesn't work. Either get a unix error, 404 error, and sometimes an error about too many people accessing the site (but i understand this one).

1229.12.2003 14:32

sly_61019: The situation what you describe is caused by the incident described in this news item. We lost our database server and now run it on rather unstable production web server alongside parts of the website. Situation will improve within next couple of days once we manage to transfer our server farm to new ISP.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

1329.12.2003 16:05

got it

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1429.12.2003 16:07

ignore my previous comment. I wish i could edit my message when replying to news.

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154.1.2004 9:52

You can :P

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164.1.2004 14:37

I am still getting used to the new look but it defidently is much prettier. Me likes.

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