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FBI investigates Oscar screener leak

Written by Jari Ketola @ 19 Jan 2004 8:12 User comments (6)

FBI investigates Oscar screener leak The Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that it is investigating the case of DVD screener copies sent to Academy Award members being leaked and pirated.
Four films, "Something's Gotta Give," "The Last Samurai," "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" and "thirteen" are being looked into. According to studio sources the leaked movies have been traced to actor Carmine Caridi. Caridi is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the institution that hands out the Oscar awards.

FBI has only confirmed that they are looking into the case, but has not disclosed further details.

MPAA has wanted to ban screeners altogether, but later agreed to lift the ban on Oscar screeners, but maintained the ban on other awards. After being sued over the ban, a federal court ruled in December that MPAA cannot stop its members from distributing screener copies. Later MPAA announced it would appeal the ruling.


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6 user comments

119.1.2004 09:41

McCarthyism for the new millennium. "Burn her! She's a WITCH, er...ah, no. I meant, she's a COPYRIGHT INFRINGER! BURN HER!!"

219.1.2004 11:48

This crap should be at the very bottom of the FBIs priority list. It's the MPAAs problem and we shouldn't be wasting our tax dollars and the FBIs resources on special interest garbage like this. The entertainment industry loves to have someone else to do their policing for them and it's a damn shame they get away with it.

319.1.2004 12:00

Nephilim, I TOTALLY agree, with one exception ;-) It should not be on the FBI's list AT ALL.

419.1.2004 16:10

I agree but disagree. I disagree that the FBI be called to do this, but I do agree that something should be looked into. How do the MPAA and the RIAA think that movies and music get released to the public way before its scheduled. Not by normal consumers but by their own people

519.1.2004 17:12

There are unlimited opportunities for movies to get duped and then leaked by anyone involved in the lengthy multi-stage process between when the film is made and released. Blaming downloaders is an easy way to mask their own inabilities and inefficiencies. It's a total cop out and they know it. These movies gross millions and millions of dollars and they piss and moan about "losses" they can't even substantiate with hard facts. All they do is dream up some ridiculously large number and start whining that's what they lost and nobody in the media etc questions it. Common sense is a lost cause among society anymore. I buy 90% of my DVDs used because of this jerk-off crap they pull. is my friend.

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622.1.2004 08:55

I wholeheartedly concur with all of the foregoing. Best to all! Rodgers

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