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RIAA files suits against 532 individuals

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 21 Jan 2004 11:02 User comments (13)

RIAA files suits against 532 individuals The Recording Industry Association of America continues its aggressive legal campaign against online file swappers. Today they have filed lawsuits against yet another 532, so far unnamed individuals. The new lawsuits bring the total number of sued people up to 914.
The Recording Industry Association of America launched its largest wave of file-swapping lawsuits Wednesday, filing new copyright infringement suits against 532 currently unnamed individuals.
The suits are the industry group's first since an appeals court in December blocked its original strategy of identifying alleged file swappers before filing lawsuits by sending subpoenas to their Internet service providers. As a result, Wednesday's legal actions target hundreds of unnamed or "John Doe" computer users, whose identities will be added to the suits only after a court process likely to take several weeks.Source:

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13 user comments

121.1.2004 14:25

Stupid is as stupid does.

221.1.2004 14:27

Well I didnt get a letter in the mail. I guess I am ok. Phew! Some advice: Get a good firewall and become friends with a Network Administrator. I'm available, especially if you are a hot blonde or red head chic. :)

321.1.2004 16:59

I'm running Norton Internet Explorer which has a firewall, as well as the firewall in my 2Wire router. Good enough? If not, what would you suggest?

421.1.2004 18:58

I use a hardware firewall built into the router and close any uneccessary ports. I am not much into software firewalls, because they are more of a pain in the a$$. I have had a few friends try to crack the firewall to see if they can get in and they said I dont even have an IP address and I am unaccessible. Go to and test your ports, if you are in stealth mode you should be OK

521.1.2004 22:33

Firewall's hardly do you any good in P2P networks, in terms of privacy.

622.1.2004 3:06

Thats why you use Kazaa Lite because it has an IP blocker utilit built in.

722.1.2004 6:28

Is PeerGuardian any good as a IP blocker? Is there an effective, available IP Spoofer on the market yet?

822.1.2004 8:48

RIAA....keep spending your money on lawsuits making the attorneys representing you co-owners of your music world. No court is going to grant you any immunity from the small people in the world. Wake up and change your attitude and tactics and profit by your mistakes. You are violating privacy issues and under the Constitution you are accountable for your actions. Best to all! Rodgers

922.1.2004 10:53

Question. So far, based on the current average number of KaZaA users sharing files vs. the number of lawsuits, what are the actual chances of getting sued (assuming you are making files available to share*) if say 500 more lawsuits were launched? *If you ARE downloading (none of us AD types would do THAT) don't be one of those cheesedicks who does not SHARE!

1022.1.2004 11:33

firstly just wanted to say hello to everyone posting on this particular topic. I have found peer guardian capable of blocking alot of ips registered to RIAA but as with anything else nothing on the market is completely failsafe. Also everytime I use kazaalite I get a darn trojan (i.e. password stealer/ keylogger). My norton antivirus usually picks it up but was wondering does anyone have any recommendations on what is a good internet security program/ antivirus (user friendly as well)

1122.1.2004 12:22

sayquan, AVG seems to work good for me for anti-virus and its free. As to the other security issues? Anybody?

1222.1.2004 17:55

Like GrayArea said, AVG is great and I also use Zone Alarm which is free and does a decent, albeit basic, job. To take care of anybody snooping in my PC I just put a bunch of naked pictures of myself in my shared folder with the Britney Spears songs as the filenames. That should make their eyes burn and cure them from ever wanting to look in my PC again.

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1326.1.2004 4:54

thanx for the response. I am currently using norton, zone alarm and black ice (each has a specific function). What I will clarify is I am looking for an internet security program where you don't have to use the trial and error method before it works for you

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