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Never lose in Pepsi's iTunes promo

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 18 Feb 2004 15:19 User comments (3)

Never lose in Pepsi's iTunes promo Some clever guy has set up a website with pictures and detailed instructions on how to check whether the Pepsi bottle you're about to buy has a iTunes winning number in its cap or not.
Trick is rather simple, one needs to twist the bottle in certain angle and then take a look underneath the cap. The winning code can't be seen, but in bottles that don't have the winning code, parts of the "apology", namely the text "again" (as in something like "you didn't win, please try again") can be seen.

Now, we're just waiting whether this guy can be sued under DMCA legislation or trade secrets laws...

More info and instructions:

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3 user comments

119.2.2004 10:18

who cares- i got kazaa and irc- both are free!

24.3.2004 16:42

I still have Windows 98 SE and no reason to upgrade, so I guess I am still forced to not use iTunes...darn.

34.3.2004 19:03

mj with win 98 why are ya forced to used coca cola lmao

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