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Lite-On LVW-5005 with AllWrite technology

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 23 Feb 2004 10:33 User comments (3)

Lite-On has released an interesting piece of information about their upcoming LVW-5005 DVD recorder. According to the source, this top-set device can also record to a CD-R(W) media. However, it is not released at this time what format does the Lite-On utilize for the recording.
Lite-On IT, one of the top producers of optical disc drives in Taiwan, recently announced the LVW-5005, claimed by the company to be the world’s first DVD recorder model capable of writing CD-R/RW discs.
Currently available DVD recorder models can only write to recordable DVD discs – specifically +R/RW, -R/RW or both – according to Lite-On IT.Source:

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3 user comments

125.2.2004 13:16

I don't know what they are smoking, but most every DVD burner I have used can burn DVDs and CDsm such as my own Sony DRU510a.

225.2.2004 20:14

I think when it said top-set above, they meant set-top. Meaning, they're talking about DVD video recorders, like the Panasonic DMR-Ex0 line.

322.11.2004 4:02

Can't the TOshiba and Phillips write RW? they don't just read them...because they will format for writing DVDs. I Think Lite on is just playing catchup.

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