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Backdoor discovered in ES5, the P2P-client

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 24 Feb 2004 9:32

ES5 has always been suspicious in every way and now an article by seems to confirm the suspicions. ES5 is not as secured as it claims to be. It also appears to contain some backdoor code allowing file access. And it gets better as journalists have been unable to track down the location of this company, which is claimed to be in Palestine.
Several months ago, Random Nut, spearhead of Kazaa Lite, discovered a malicious backdoor code within the ES5 program. The code could be remotely activated to delete any shared file. Legitimate programmers we spoke to stated that they would never "accidentally" leave such a portion of code in their work. The ES5 administration generally responded with a "whoops, how'd that get in there?"

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