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Xbox 2 without a hard drive?

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 25 Feb 2004 10:52 User comments (5)

Xbox 2 without a hard drive? Flash memory maker M-System has recently announced a contract for providing storing solutions for the next generation X-Box. This, and the fact that Microsoft has also planned data storing abilities to Xbox Live, has raised speculations that the next Xbox would not feature a hard drive.
Jay Srivatsa, a senior analyst at research firm iSuppli, said the Xbox hard drive so far has been used mainly for ancillary functions like saving progress in a game, not to improve the way games work. Sacrificing the hard drive could be a relatively painless way to trim $10 or $20 per unit from production costs. "I can see why they'd attempt to do that--the hard disk usage on the current Xbox has been pretty minimal," he said. "At some point, this has got to be a profitable business for Microsoft. They have to draw some lines; look at what can they take out."

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5 user comments

125.2.2004 16:31

they just want to get rid of the drive so you can't mod it and put games on it.

225.2.2004 16:38

IF this is so I cant see it catching on~heh~ DaOsT unless they sell 10 gig memory cards n how much would they cost?

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326.2.2004 3:26

Maybe since it just doensn't come with a hard drive that doesn't mean you won't be able to get one added to it in the future. Maybe they're being like Sony.....

426.2.2004 7:39

Whats next to go Motherboards? Thats why I dont junk out my old computers

521.11.2004 22:20

If their being like Sony their adding Secret payments. Unfortuantly Sony and XBOX has alot of them. Like for the PS2 you need to buy a memory card and a multi adaptor to plat with 4 ppl. And for the XBOX you need a DVD controller to play DVD's.

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