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Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 25 Feb 2004 9:58 User comments (2)

Various updates at After months of programming and investigating, we've finally managed to isolate the login problems that caused headache to our users, specially those with AOL. The old authentication method has been scrapped now and replaced with a new one that, according to user reports received today, solves the problems that related to non-standard proxy servers. So, from now on, AOL users should also be able to login to our site and post news comments and forum posts.
Also, we've improved our news page rather dramatically. The layout has been improved and the old archive-style has been moved to a separate archive page. Also, the new layout includes a direct form for news search that should be significantly better for searching specific news headlines than our regular, more generic search.

We have various other stuff coming up in upcoming months, but the biggest problem at the moment is not really related to the site's functionality itself, but to the stability -- or lack of it -- of our current web server setup that has caused our traffic to plummet by as much as 10% during the last 5-6 weeks. We're in process of switching our application server to a more stable one within next week or so and we hope -- we truly, truly hope -- that this will solve the stability problem for good.

-Petteri Pyyny

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2 user comments

125.2.2004 13:37

Thank you so much.... I haven't been able to post or read me message box from home since the new upgrade to the new server. Now I can get back to the community Thank you sirmugen

226.2.2004 5:10

And apparently the site now remembers my log-in, just like the old version of the site. A definite functinality plus. Thanks.

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